Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: 5 Tips/Tricks for the Messed-Up Manicure and Nail Issues

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Tips/Tricks for the Messed-Up Manicure and Nail Issues

We've all been there: you get an amazing manicure idea and either your nails aren't working for you or you botch it! Here are a few things that should help!

1) How to Cure Discoloration:

Nail discoloration is unsightly to say the least, but there are some ways to get red of it!

If you KNOW you have a polish that discolors your nails, but you love it, apply an extra coat of base. DO use a good base coat. Find one you love that makes your nails smooth so polish glides on flawlessly.

If your nails have been stained from nail polish and not for another reason, there are some things to try! Pour 3 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide  into about 1/3 a cup of water. Soak your fingers for two minutes. Next, dip a nail brush or toothbrush into the solution and lightly buff away the discoloration. Make sure you use cuticle oil afterwards to replenish your nails and reestablish moisture. Rub into not just cuticles, but nails as well.Nail brighteners might also be an option if you have slightly naturally discolored nails. I use Sally Hansen nail brightener (see below) when my nails aren't looking their brightest, especially when I do french tips where my nails clearly show.

2) How to Fix Smudged Nails:

You sit down, admire your newly painted nails, and somehow you end up smudging one. It doesn't have to ruin your day! To prevent smudges, its all about drying time. See below for fast drying tips. This is going to
sound insane, but lick one of your fingers on the opposite hand and ever-so-gently smooth over the top of the smudge. I realize this sounds insane, but someone taught me this a long time ago and it always works! Something in our saliva reacts with nail polish to soften and blend the smudge.

3) How Do You Know if Your Nails Need to be Seen by a Doctor?

This is a tough one. My advice is ALWAYS to see a doctor if you think something may be wrong.
Normal nails are smooth without significant ridges or indentations. As you get older, vertical ridges become normal. Injured nails often have a white spot from the impact of the injury.

Here are some signs of nail conditions that aren't normal and require attention from
- Curled nails
- Yellow discoloration in a severe form (not from nail polish)
- Your nail separating from the nail bed
- Nail piting
- Many strange nail issues are a sign of illness so definitly see a doctor.

4) Nail Polish Spilled and Now You Have a Stain:

First, DO NOT wipe at it!

Spills on Fabric: In order to not ruin the fabric, test it with a little nail polish remover somewhere where it won't show in case it has a negative reaction. Try the inside of the hem since it won't be shown. Get a handful of cotton swabs and get to work by dipping them in nail polish remover and dabbing lightly on the stain from the outside in. Switch swabs so you don't spread the stain around. After it is removed, immediately wash the fabric to get the damp nail polish remover out fast.

Spills on Wood: Use olive oil and white vinegar on a rag to get it up. If it is persistant, use the solution with steel wool to buff it.

Spills on Carpet: Window cleaner treatment! Mix equal parts acetone and window cleaner in a spray bottle. Test on a piece of carpet somewhere unnoticeable, like in the back of your closet. This will take awhile so be ready to spend a bit of time on this project, but its a pretty gentle method. Get a white cloth so you can see your progress and get it damp, not soaking. Spray the solution on the stain and start dabbing lightly on top. Remember you don't want to make the stain deeper! Keep at it until the stain is gone, and being careful not to make it spread. Last you need to take a toothbrsh to the area with a little soap and white vinegar as you don't want the window cleaner or acetone to set. Then rinse with water on a cloth to get up the soap!

5) Acrylics Have Ruined My Nails!:

In high school, I decided even though my nails were beautiful that I was going to delve into acrylic nails for a special event. From there I kept them on and had them redone twice. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore. They were thick and awkward and I wanted those suckers off! What I left with were seriously brittle and thin nails, only a shell of their former glory. I was appauled and upset to say the least as I have always loved having beautiful nails.

I talked to a friend who had done nails and she told me the manicurist probably overbuffed them, which I had no idea about since I was new to acrylics. Here are the steps that were suggested to me and worked:
- Being obsessive about using my nail hardener
- Cuticle oil to help restore their health
- Don't bother trying to have pretty nails until they grow out. Keep them short.
- Never EVER get my nails done by a questionable nail technician!

Have you ever tried any of these tips? How did they work for you? What are some of your thoughts and remedies? 


  1. Thanks! Hope you never have to use them! haha

  2. i have yellow color on my nails but i think its cuz of nail polish! anyway ill see a doctor! :) thanks for the lovely tips :) great blog im your new follower hope you'll follow back

  3. Following you back! Try the Hydrogen Peroxide soak, it works! Then if they're deep buff the top of your nail with a nail buffer to remove color and leave nice clean nails!

  4. Wow, great post. It was fun reading this. I love all these little tips and tricks. I'm gonna have to try the saliva on the finger for smudges trick, sounds completely crazy, but crazy works sometimes lol. Thanks for such an informative post. :)

  5. Thanks! Definitely try it!!! I appreciate your feedback!

  6. This post is perfect for me! I didn't know any of this. Thank you much:)


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