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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Did With Eyeshadow Fails

Okay, you know that rush you get when you get a new product? Ahhhh. Well how about when you don't like it? Boo. Normally, I return makeup fails, but sometimes you just can't. So what do you do with them? Throw away money on them? Leave them in a drawer to never see the light of day again? Give them away to someone else to deal with? Well, here's what I did:

So here is how I have fixed this! I bought this off Amazon (see below) and was so excited I got to work ASAP! First, I went through my collection. I grabbed colors I didn't care about, inconveniently packaged colors (ULTA I'm looking at you for putting nice colors in random sets without lids), duplicates, and colors with some kind of issue with the way it was made like it was too dry, too soft, or cracking. Next, I decided on what colors I thought would look good together and divided them up into groups. For instance, I had like 8 different types of blacks that were basically the same shade (OH ULTA!) and grouped those. Then I took so-so colors and added something special to them. Then I got out my sifter. I put the colors i wanted to mix in there and sifted it until it was mixed through and super fine. It usually took 2 sifts. It took awhile to do them all, but it had a great effect. Colors that had been unusable before practically became pigment jars. Here are the products I ended up with from left to right in my case:

So what do you guys think? Do you do anything like this?


  1. This is a really great idea!

  2. I do this too! Our return policy's in Oz are pretty tight so I never bother trying to take them back. I do it with broken shadows the most (I see no point throwing them away). Plus if I really like a colour I've found mixing it with eyeprimer can make nearly any colour work!


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