Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: FAB Friday: F21 Fedoras & Why You Need One!

Friday, August 12, 2011

FAB Friday: F21 Fedoras & Why You Need One!

FAB Friday=Fabulous Accessory or Bauble Friday

So I was never a fedora person. Heck, I was never even a summer hat person! But this summer, I fell in love with a fedora. Although I have two (one tan and one black) they are the same style and can both be found for $6.50 from Forever 21 HERE. The tan is still available in some stores, but has sold out online.
5 Reasons You Need a Fedora:

1. You don't get hit in the face with sunlight or any other kind of light. Consider this if you've ever had a sunburn on your hairline or scalp!

2. Adds visual interest to an outfit. Low cost and easy to throw on, add something else to your shorts and tank top. 

3. All you have to do is tie a ribbon around it to style it yourself. Flowers aren't your thing? Think skulls, strawberries, or polka dots. The options are endless.

4. Easy to pack and holds its shape. They have become my travel hats because they're more versatile than floppy hats and more stylish than a cap. Also lets my head breathe slightly while still shielding me from the sun's rays!

5. Never worry about a bad hair day! My friend Sarah wore this at least every other day when she was here. Waking up early to head out she would throw one on and rock it! Consider this when your friends want to hit the beach early or for that Sunday brunch after a long night!

If you want this style look for: a flexible body, light but sturdy lining, basic color, nothing too edgy or frilly so its versatile, and a relaxed fix in case you style your hair beneath.


  1. So glad you posted this! I've been looking for a hat like this but they were always so plain! I never thought to wrap a ribbon around it lol. Thank you!:)

  2. No problem!!! Consider using an old necklace or beads on a ribbon as well! Adds some fun detail!

  3. Fedora's are one of my fave style hats. I like the one you have; feminine and stylish!

  4. Thanks! I really have been wearing these like crazy! I think to change it up I'm going to add a polka dot ribbon with a bow!


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