Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Update: So Sorry I've Been Gone, Here's What's Up!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Update: So Sorry I've Been Gone, Here's What's Up!

So, I'm back after around a week of ultra-busy! As some of you know, we have a military move coming up so we've been prepping for that. I had my best friend Sarah come out to stay with me for a week, then I went home for a major IFabbo event and to visit family. Then my parents brought me back to Las Vegas and visited with us! Woo, busy busy busy! 

While Sarah was visiting, we saw Penn & Teller at the Rio and Mystere at Treasure Island. Amazing! We also visited Roos N More which lets you get up close and personal with all kinds of animals like kangaroos, lemurs, and otters! Check out Nala showing me some love and a few other awesome animals there! What an amazing place! Then it was off to Huntington Beach to see the rest of my friends and family!

I attended the IFabbo event in San Diego at the beautiful Robert Cromeans Salon last Thursday. Talk about a beauty event that I'll never forget! Some of the participants were Stila Cosmetics, Dermalogica, Paul Mitchell and CND! Incredible! So many new items hit my wishlist like Stila's Custum Color Blush in Coral and Dermalogica's Redness Relief SPF20! I also got a sneak peek at Stila's upcoming holiday sets which I know I'll also be picking up! They are incredible! Get ready to see my CND manicure (LASTS UP TO 14 DAYS!) and lots of California hauls! 

Robert Cromeans Storefront in San Diego, California.

I've had to take a short hiatus from eyeshadow or I would be showing you guys looks left and right! I picked up the Milani Infinite eyeliners and have gotten tons of compliments on them as well as a new perfume from The Body Shop! Also a few items from Hard Candy and Organic Beauty Now which is a new brand to me. However, I have some kind of eye infection which is extremely painful. Pretty sure my husband is taking me into the emergency room today :(

The most exciting news is our new addition to our family! Meet Zeus, a rescue dog who now has a forever home! He is 4 years old and believed to be a Poodle/Bichon Frise mix! He is such a happy boy and a wonderful companion for our Boxer/Shar Pei Cobo. Here I am with him before I put the finishing touches on his grooming! Isn't he a doll?
Want to know what's coming up next? Don't forget to follow me on twitter and facebook! Some posts to look forward to: CND Nail Laquer HUGE Review, Origins/Freeman Beauty Party, Ulta Haul, and tons more! Lots to look forward to here on Stephanie Louise-All Things Beautiful!


  1. Hi Zeus! He's adorable! I'm so glad you adopted instead of getting a dog from a pet store or breeder!

  2. Thank you! The poor guy was matted and covered in fleas, now he is all clean and shiny! I;m a pretty firm believer in adopting animals, we've adopted all 3 of ours! There are so many amazing little buddies out there who need a good home!


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