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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urban Decay Haul & Shipping Issues Story!

Big shoutout to the amazing Customer Service at Urban Decay!

So my package from Urban Decay arrived yesterday and I have been so excited to recieve it. I assumed their processing would be backed up so it actually arrived sooner than  thought it would. I placed my order the night of August 16th, it shipped the 22nd, then arrived the 24th. Not too crazy in my opinion, and definitely not for the incredible sale they held. I know some people are being really impatient or are upset about the ship time/processing, but I think with that kind of abuse (yes some people were really mean to them!) they won't want to hold another sale....AND I LIKE SALES! Okay, enough about THAT.

Looking through my box I realized something was missing: my Ammo Palette and Eden Primer! Oh no! If you guys follow me on twitter, then you know I've been packing and moving (still am) but THIS was an emergency! :p

I called Urban Decay (I seriously didn't have to wait which was insane) and explained to the Urban Decay Customer Service guy what had happened. I also explained my situation (moving in a WEEK) and he was so kind to me. He asked me if the box had been tampered with, if everything was inside, and all those usual questions. Then he said he could refund my set... NOOOOOOOOOO! He laughed and said, "Let me check and see if we have any more in stock." Nope, they didn't...not the sets anyway. He was so awesome that he had them send me the Ammo Palette and a separete tube of UD Primer in Eden! That was so kind, what great customer service. I've had some real issues with some other cosmetics companies when it comes to missing/damaged items so this was a breeze. They even managed to ship it 1-Day Air which is a pretty big deal. I know some customers are having issues at the moment, but remember guys, they want to help you just as much as you want them too. Understand where they're coming from and stay kind. :)

 (Excuse picture quality, light and everything is scattered from the move. Back to normal soon!)

Urban Decay Loose Pigments.
 Urban Decay Loose Pigment brush and tube inside. This color is "X".

 Urban Decay Vegan Palette. See the cover in the first picture of the haul sequence.
 Urban Decay Travel Size Primer Potion in Sin, included with the Vegan Palette pictured above.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette. Adorable packaging and some of my favorite colors.
, Shout
Urban Decay Primer Potion (new squeeze/tube bottle) in Eden.

Well that's it guys! Reviews and swatches on EVERYTHING coming soon! Anything you want to see first? Drop it in the comments!


  1. that looks like an amazing haul! can't wait to see what looks you come up with :)

    it's really nice of you to commend them and be patient about the whole thing. most of the time, we just complain but your post is a great reality check.

    good luck on moving! i know packing and unpacking is a pain.

  2. Ohh that's so great to hear that they have good customer service. I had a similar experience with Hautelook, and was very happy with their customer service as well, just FYI! I love everything you got. woo hoo!

  3. Thanks girls! Yeah moving has been a pain...but we're moving into a huge house which helps haha. Something to look forward to!

    Jenn, Hautelook DEFINITELY has awesome customer service, highly agree!

  4. How long did it take to get your replacements?

  5. :( I called and was told I would be sent replacements and it was two days ago. I'm totally not trying to rush them, but they really did miff my order up. I ordered 52$ worth of clearance items and only received 8$. She told me that it would come in two packages one of the the missing items that they still had in stock and one of my replacement items for the things that weren't. I just wonder how long its going to take.

    Did they usps or ups?

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

  6. UPS! I requested it, have you tried calling back? Be kind, but they need to understand that you paid for a product and they made a mistake. What item were they out of? Did they replace it or refund it?

  7. I ordered 10 pigments, 4 matte shadows, 1 eyeshadow duo, 1 powder blush, 5 cream shadows and 1 makeup remover 1 cream eyeliner.

    I received 8 pigments, a ton of paper for packaging and a complexion sample.

    When I called I was polite and originally thought maybe there would be two boxes for some reason because that is quite a bit to be missing.

    The CSR was lovely and polite. She apologized and said that there was no reason for me to be missing all of those items.

    She told me she would be sending me two boxes. One box would have what they still had in stock that was missing from my box. It was one of the eye shadows from the duo and two of the matte shadows. They also had all of the cream shadows in stock so that was okay and the two pigments I was missing.

    The second box was to replace the blush (with a similar instock blush), makeup remover (with a similar instock remover) and One of the shadows that were missing from the duo that they didnt have stock of and the two matte shadows that were out of stock (with these the csr gave me some suggestions as to which shadows of similar colors to pick). Since they were out of the cream liner I was able to pick one that wasnt on clearance.

    I figure if I dont receive anything by monday (an email, or product) I will call again.

    They didnt offer me a refund, just replacement, which I was fine with.

  8. I'm sorry it is taking so long. I know they are centered out of CA...BUT they ship out of Texas. She might have had to work the channels to get you replacements because SO many people rushed them on their sale. I asked if they would send me a shipping confirm e-mail and he said he would and he did. Maybe ask them about that on Monday if you call again?


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