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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Workshop760 Nail Polish Pendants

Mixing stunning jewelry designs with eye-catching nail polish,  Workshop760 on Etsy is an original in the jewelry field. With over 20 years of jewelry making experience, Cara crafts each piece with extreme care and a detailed eye. 

My pendant contains a background of Color Club Alias and Nfu-Oh Nail Art Flakes. Both famous colors, they look infinitely more beautiful in natural lighting.

"Each one is polished by hand to high shine and captures the beauty of the nail polish permanently" writes Cara on her shop information, and I definitely have to agree! Absolutely a new way to display nail polish without worrying about chipping. Currently available in her shop is everything from ovals to hearts to crosses in an obscene amount of shades. Constantly changing, you need to favorite the shop to make sure you keep up with the inventory. Each pendant comes with a handmade necklace of beads to wear it with, however you can also choose to put it on your own chain. 

Some people have recently been using nail polish to create art, but not all pieces are created equal. "This is nail polish encased inside a polished resin gem, not just painted on the back of glass or acrylic, they are permanent and water resistant" provides Cara. This means unlike other forms (which can peel and flake) you can rock these pieces without worrying about damage and enjoying the 100% original design since no 2 will ever be the same. 

Check out the shaping above, round and smooth. Super shiny, but also extremely light in weight. These are also goo examples of how when viewed at a different angle, colors can look vastly different.

When asked what type I would like, I instantly knew. I have been working on putting together my Villainettes Series (still a work in progress, but soon!) and knew I had to go with something inspired by Maleficent, the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty. Look for this necklace in a future post along with a devious makeup look! Didn't it come out perfect?

Here are a few other designs created for Workshop760 by Cara:

Jewelry lovers and nail polish enthusiasts alike need to check into Cara's Etsy shop Workshop760. For questions about her work, feel free to e-mail Cara here:

I've started Etsy Spotlight to support individuals with original and skilled crafts. If you would like to be featured or have any questions, please contact me by e-mail at


  1. There are so many that look COMPLETELY different in other lights as well! I love Etsy!


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