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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fragrance Review: Sula Rollerball in Blackberry Blush

$18 for a Rollerball.
So I picked this up at Ulta ages ago, took my picture, then have been in love with it ever sense. I always have at least one fragrance in my purse (usually more like a mini spray & a solid too) because I pet sit & frequently touch up. When its this bitter and cold, it normally throws off my routine! This was a very unexpected scent for me but its intoxicating. 
Ulta's Description:
Blackberry Blush: Simple and fresh, Blackberry Blush gives you a yummy, fruity aura. Stiletto Musk: Captivating and simple, Stiletto Musk exudes warmth and sexiness. Features notes of musk, amber and dusky florals.

Not your everyday citrus or too youthful smelling, its a new twist on the warmth of berries. They say you can layer it with other fragrances but eh...that's not for me. Too complicated & I think its perfect as it is. Please keep in mind that fragrances will smell different on everyone due to our skin's chemistry, but I definitely think this is a must try. If you're unsure, definitely wait for a fragrance deal! Ulta has some great ones back to back usually. I added this to my basket when I was picking up another fragrance to add up to $50 for a freebie.

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  1. This is my fave one out of the Sula fragrances too!


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