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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heads Up!: Limited Edition Wet n Wild at REALLY Reduced Prices!

Ok SO in my craze (ha) to find aweosme Halloween deals in a new town in which I had no idea to look, I stumbled into Dollar General. Although I found nada (and I mean nada) in the Halloween section (cough* SHELF *cough) I did run across a few of these babies! So these are the LE Wet n Wild Color Craze Nail Laquers....what were they doing in Dollar General?

Top row left to right: Color Craze 9021 Orange, The Gold & the Beautiful, & Nocturnal.
Bottom row left to right: Color Craze Buffy the Violet Slayer & Lust...twice!

Why yes, yes that is a duplicate of Lust right there. Silly me for picking this package yes? No, they all had at least one duplicate (one was The Gold & The Beautiful) and I picked Lust because...well because I really liked it okay? I didn't find these AT ALL when they were actually out....did you know they're pretty much completely different from the regular colors? Texture/shimmer wise I mean. 9021 Orange is WAY different, in fact, I thought I read the bottle wrong after I ripped it open in the car. 

Yes. You heard it here folks, $4 for 6 high-quality Wet n Wild Nail Laquers...

Happy Hunting! 


  1. I just picked up that same set the other day! I hardly ever go to dollar general and was very siked to find that! The coppery shade is my fave!

  2. Was is the exact same one? I only saw 3 there and they were all different!

  3. Now that I look at it closer, the set I picked up has two of the gold polishes. The rest are the same though. I wonder if these were packaging mistakes or something? Anyhow, these are gorgeous polishes for only $4!


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