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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mani of the Day: 24 Carrats from Wet n Wild

I know, I'm sorry, I haven't finished up my Ice Baby Collections posts. Only one more after this though, promise! I've been having issues with getting my camera to hook up and blah blah blah,....ANYWAYS here's 24 Carrats!

2 coats.
Oddly enough, I was super excited about this polish. See, I'm not a big fan of the tiny bar glitters. Why? I seriously can't get over the fact that they remind me of tiny hairs on my nails. However, that might just be me. Plus you have  to move them about on your nail so it doesn't stick out all wonky. So after hearing this why was I excited in the first place? Because 24 Carrats is a downright Fall color combo.

2 coats.
This was really hard to photograph, but hopefully the break down will help you 'see' it better. This is a clear suspended base with fine gold glitter and oh so thin and delicate bar glitter. The coloring is what struck me as it is warm leafy colors, an orange-toned bronze & a bronze-toned gold. Yes, that might sound weird to some, but trust me that's what it is! I love that it flashes versions of all these colors and in order to get over my tiny bar glitter issues I just needed to admire the color. I ended up with 2 coats although it could've easily used 3-4. I liked it better in 2 for some reason, maybe because its warmer and more skin toned than the others?
1 coat.
1 coat.

Do you have this color? How do you like it? I think its definitely prettier in person although I tried forever to capture it.
 Here's my first look at the Ice Baby Collection from Wet n Wild.

For the specific description of the texture of the polish, see my first review of 'Back Alley Deals'

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  1. that looks like its gonna b hard to remove lol.. nice color


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