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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mani of the Day: It's All in the Cut from Wet n Wild

2 Coats.

2 Coats.
As I say goodbye to my Ice Baby Collection posts, I am going out with a bang. It's All in the Cut is an expected combination for winter, but it works. This is a silver toned lavender micro glitter with pink-toned rose gold hex glitter mixed throughout. I've been on the hunt for the perfect rose gold polish & I wish I could extract each of these glitters on their own, they're that gorgeous! This is 2 coats of perfection, expect to see this again in spring as well!
2 Coats.
1 Coat.
Here's my first look at the Ice Baby Collection from Wet n Wild.

For the specific description of the texture of the polish, see my first review of 'Back Alley Deals'


  1. One thing I am always curious about is it the polish goes on with a texture or is it smooth? Judging by the picture and it being a glitter polish I'd say textured.

  2. Yeah, if you take a look at my link to Back Alley Deals, I explain it. I didn't want to bore people with it for all the polishes. These are indeed textured but more ridgy than bumpy and with a top coat (although they suck them up like a sponge)they'd be smooth.

  3. wat a stunning, glamorous color... super cool :)


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