Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Pretty Large Haul from Walgreens + Sally Beauty & Old Navy

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pretty Large Haul from Walgreens + Sally Beauty & Old Navy

So this was one of those completely unexpected & totally random hauls. I went into CVS & walked out with nothing, but Walgreens made me stay & play. I don't know why, but when something is $1.99 or below, I just feel its my duty to give it a shot. You never know what's going to be amazing! So stay tuned for what I picked up and a sneak peek at what I'll be showing & reviewing in posts to come! 
So I picked all of these up for only $1 each. They reminded me a bit of some I got from Claire's. The names are nonexistent but the front has a number on it where it flips open ranging from 1-6. I went ahead and attached them to the back of the eyeshadows so I'd remember the numbering. Top row left to right is 1-3 and bottom row left to right is 4-6. I'll swatch them tomorrow I think.

So these weer $1.99 but they are EXACTLY the same as some I loved from Sephora in the past. I usually got them on clearance for $10 so this was a great deal. They come with a brush, mirror, & a little section to mix the lipsticks in. They come in Cherry Lip Gloss (top) & Strawberry Lip Gloss (bottom) & I'm really excited to compare them.

So Sinful Colors nail polishes are only 99 cents again & this time I picked up a few I don't have (the very few)  & a few I do for gifts. For specific colors, just ask!

Dear Essie, I love you more than anything for giving me a holiday flakie that I could walk into a drugstore & buy. Its gorgeous. Also, the only Sally Hansen  new Diamond Strength polish I was interested in at the moment. On the left is 'Shine of the Times' from Essie & on the right is 'Glass Slipper' from Sally Hansen.

 From Sally Beauty Supplu, I picked up 2 clearance China Glaze polishes & one Beauty Secrets nail file. Left is City Siren & right is Near Dark. Both were marked down to $1.99.

 Lastly, the most random polish location ever has to be Old Navy. But I saw it and I knew it had to be mine. Seen here is 'Tip Taupe' which was $3.50 but had some sort of percentage taken off because we went on Friday. Love this color!


  1. Great haul! I really like the sparklie Essie and Sally Hansens you picked up.

  2. That certainly is a haul! I used to buy Sinful colors all the time b/c they were so inexpensive, even though they wear horribly on me. I finally, realized that I was basically wasting money on something I would not wear so gave up. The brand colors are great, but it does not get along with my body chemistry very well.

  3. @The Lacquered Lady Really? I know some run into some blah ones, but never heard of anyone having issues with the brand as a whole. Have you tried frankening them or using thinner/thickener?

    @Jenn Me too! I have been wearing both swatched on my hands awhile now! I'm going to a mani with one or the other tonight and take pictures tomorrow :)

  4. thats what i call a haul!! ill be waiting the review on the eyeshadows

  5. Great Haul, Wow i never new old navy sold nail polish , i work for the company for 5 yrs as a manager..i had know clue, how much did they cost u ?

  6. @Britney The Old Navy Polish is marked $3.50 but I think I got it for 10-20% off. I'll swatch it soon...hoping the formula is similar to Essie's as they had some very similar colors!

  7. love the colour of the last nail varnish- just about the only colour i dont have at the moment!:P
    Follow and I follow back!<3


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