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Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Freeman Peppermint & Plum Soothing Liquid Foot Powder

Image from Freeman Beauty.
What Freeman Beauty Says: This unique formula starts as a lotion to soften your feet and transforms into a light silky powder to keep feet comfortable and refreshed.  Extracts of Plum and Peppermint energize.

My Impressions: Talk about a winter must-have! So this lotion moisturizes...while keeping my feet dry. Strange combo but definitely what my boots and slippers were calling for. See, in my house, we have heating wars. I run hot while he runs cold, so whoever attacks the thermostat without the other noticing wins. I've been wearing lots of boots which is great for outdoors, but eventually my internal thermometer meets all the extra winter gear. I either have dry feet or sweaty feet. Ew much?

Basically, you put it on like regular lotion. You rub it in and it soaks in nicely. Then it coats your foot in a superfine powder, like a high-end locker room secret. Scented with plum and peppermint, it isn't your average athlete product. I can't wait to use it in summer when the humidity here is ridiculous! Also, it doesn't leave my socks all slimy like some of my lotions!

Where You Can Get It: You can get this off Freeman's website HERE for only $3.79 but you can also search the site for stores near you carrying Freeman products! 

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  1. Years ago Bath and Body Works had a lotion to powder which was wonderful during sticky hot summer days. This foot lotion to powder sounds like something I'd like to try for winter time. Thanks!


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