Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Wait WHAT? Sally Hansen Dupes Certain Polishes from Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wait WHAT? Sally Hansen Dupes Certain Polishes from Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection

 I know there are a lot of polishes out there this holiday season, but isn't this a bit too close for comfort? Check out the two polishes below and then compare to my photo above taken in store and tell me what you think.

I'd say "Be-Jeweled" (the purple & pink glitter) is interchangeable with Wet n Wild's "It's All in the Cut" straight down to glitter size. Wet N Wild's "Diamond in the Rough" is definitely recreated by Sally Hansen in "Glitz Gal" which is the smoky gray with the holo glitter.

On one hand I'm happy because not everyone was able to find these fab shades from Wet N Wild. However, these don't seem to be a coincidence. 2 from one collection appearing in the same collection of at Sally Hansen? Plus they're more than twice the price!

What do you think? Duped? Will you be picking either of these up? There were a few more in this collection that were CLOSE to Wet N Wild's Ice Baby Collection but not dead on like these two. 

If you're interested in picking these up, keep your eyes peeled for varying displays. In my local CVS it was on a shelf & at Walgreens they were located on a full size display with other polishes featured as well.


  1. Interesting.. I might pick up the Sally Hansen ones if I can;t find the WNW ones anymore.

  2. I don't love the idea of them having been 'ripped off' and then charging twice the price, but I do tend to prefer Sally Hansen over most brands, including wet'n'wild, and so far, try as I might, I haven't been able to find this collection from Wet'n'Wild. On the other hand, though I can't say for sure without a closer look, I want to say I could probably make these myself with some practice.

  3. Actually both the Gem Crush Collection and Ice Baby Collection are dupes for the Nails,Inc. Special Effects Collection. The Gem Crush line and Ice Baby are actually lower priced versions of the Nails, Inc. higher end collection as opposed to Gem Crush taking the idea and charging more.


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