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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CVS Mega Haul 2011: Eyes

 So here are the eye products I picked up yesterday when I did my mega haul. I didn't pick up very many oddly enough, & the only new ones to me are the 3 Revlon shades. You guys have seen the Wet N Wild items before, but if you have any questions let me know! They're gorgeous, as always. Now onto the Revlon singles!

 These 3 shades are from Revlon's single shadow collections, 2 perles & a satin. I have here Glistening Snow (a white mixed with tons of silver toned shimmer), Peacock Lustre ( deep teal), & Violet Starlet (plum packed with silver shimmer).

Natural Light


Glistening Snow
 This was the shade I was most looking forward to, after all, tis the season. The picture above shows how soft these are after one swipe. It definitely sheered out to be more of a highlight, but with quite a bit of fallout.
Peacock Lustre
 This is a great teal, blue toned in one light and green toned in another. I love that its not shimmery like the others, but the satin type. It holds up MUCH better. Although soft, I'm most willing to work with this shade as I think its gorgeous.
Violet Starlet
 My least favorite sadly, especially since I am such a purple lover. Gorgeous shade in theory, but it had crazy fallout. The silver shimmer in this is larger than in the others which I think is a big part of the issue. It also kind of stained my arm....with only one swipe. I'll try it with a good primer, but its not one I'm very excited about. Oddly enough, the least soft of the 3 but that also means it seems less pigmented.

So all in all, these shades take a lot of work! Pretty shades, especially Glistening Snow. Did you pick any of these up or have you tried them?


  1. Amazing deal! The WnW palettes are amazing. Its too bad they are being discontinued.

  2. Nice deals!!!!! =) I love Wet N Wild palettes! I bought them all at regular price in the beginning :p darn!

  3. I am not crazy about the Revlon shadows, the glitter was awful. I don't mind glitter as long as it uniformly applies with the shadow. These it appeared the glitter went its own direction from the shadow.

  4. Yeah, like I said, they take too much work! Definitely not my favorites...guess I'll stick to Revlon for everything BUT eyeshadows!Wish they'd change my mind though!


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