Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Finger Paints Special Effects Flakie Nail Polishes 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Finger Paints Special Effects Flakie Nail Polishes 2011

I want to start with how I came across these little beauties. So if you saw the Finger Paints Special Effects Announcement I posted, then you know how thrilled I am to have my little claws on them. How I managed to get them kind of still makes me giggle. So I walked in & immediately went to the nail polish display area. Not seeing them, I walked around looking high & low. Granted, I'm in a new area so I'm not 100% in the groove with this Sally's & the items they do & don't get so I didn't know if they would be there anyway. So I did the smart thing...I asked.
She kind of laughed & shrugged, telling me they had them in the back & had gotten an e-mail telling them bloggers have been going wild for this collection. Darn right! Then she went back & got the display which is when it got reallllllly difficult for me to hold in my excitement. She told me they looked like "dirty dish water" which made me laugh. I guess if you aren't a flakie obsessed blogger like me that might be true. Then I started holding each one up to the light & explained their fabulocity. Ah, a convert. So I bought all 5 & here they are!

 Asylum- Looks blue/purple & red/orange. I'll be interested to see how this is transferred onto the nail. It reminds me of purple & orange (my favorite Halloween shades) inside the bottle but I'm sure it will translate more firey onto the nail.
 Flecked- Beautiful green, but it doesn't appear to have anything else. Perhaps on the nail it will happily surprise me? Either way, I'm a sucker for green in all its forms.


Motley- Appears blue, green, & hints of a deeper blue as well. I'll have to see how this one plays out on the nail especially with its varying shades of blue.
Twisted- The rainbow of the group. A true mix of all shades showing flecks of every color of the rainbow. I am most excited to swatch this as I haven't seen one this concentrated or vibrant.

Flashy- Appears most like my other flakies I currently have within my collection. This looks orange to green which is something I've said before, but this is gorgeous & once again, will likely appear different on the nail.
I'll be swatching them all in the next few days & providing some comparisons, but I wanted to make sure you could see the differences between bottle shots in case you didn't want all 5. I love the pro shots I got sent (which are above) but they didn't exactly show all the differences. Which ones are YOU lemming for?

If you didn't read the beginning, you might want to in case your Sally's doesn't know what the heck these gems are either! Anyway, they retail for $5.49 but they were only $5 with my Sally's card! Keep in mind these are exclusive to Sally's & limited edition, when they're gone... they're gone! Swatches coming know I'm not patient!


  1. NOOO! I was just at Sally's, I should have asked!

  2. They look lovely! Especially the first one. I love polishes like this! :)

  3. I want to go to Sally's so bad!!!! I hope my Sally's has these!

  4. The official release is January so if they don't have them now, stay tuned for then!

  5. Why is it that all Sally's seems to think these polishes are mistakes/bad bottles? I swear, that's all I've been reading, and my own experience too. I was lucky to ask and get two of each shade after educating the sales associate on how awesome they were. She thought they were all the same shade, while another associate thought they were a bad batch. Really they are magic... beautiful bottles of magic, lol.

  6. I'm so happy I got them today! I also had to explain the store clerk that these are 5 different colors though they look almost the same and tried one on my nail so she could see... I guess that working in a beauty supply store doesn't necessarily mean liking beauty stuff, she was not very interested and I couldn't hide my excitement ;)


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