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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

 So I realize I'm behind, but I wanted to really use these. See, I have a love-hate relationship with tinted lip balms. I find they're either waxy, not tinted enough, or nearly a gloss so they slide around. 

Let me straight up lay out what I was looking for so you know what kind I like:
-Moisturizing enough that it smooths and soothes my winter chapped lips but not oily.
-Tinted enough that I can see it on but not so tinted that I have to use mirror precision like with lipstick.
-Easy to throw in my bag since I love to take tinted balms with me.

So, now that you know what I like in a tinted balm, I can honestly say these delivered! 
 Here are the 5 I recieved from my BzzAgent campaign to review:

Peppermint- Clear & peppermint scented. Love peppermint year round so I've been using it a lot.
Quenched- Also clear but with a very slight scent, almost like a super light candy smell. I use this one the most out of the two clear balms.

Peach Kiss- Love this shade! A healthy peach with a super subtle silver sheen. I could be imagining that I suppose, but I really think it has it on. Gorgeous pigmentation!
Pink Punch- I call this one "Barbie pink" because, well, look at it! Very pigmented but more sheer than a lipstick. If you have been tempted to go bright, this is a wonderful first step! Everyone can rock this pink.
Cherry Pie- Out of the 3 colors I received, this was the most disappointing. The pigmentation just wasn't as good and I would've loved a darker, redder shade. Its still pretty, but compared to Peach Kiss & Pink Punch it doesn't look like its on par.

Overall: The packaging on these was what I was most concerned about. Usually this type of plastic cap tends to wander in my bag but it stayed clicked and closed. The colors are cute I think & stand out, although clearly geared towards a younger age range than most Maybelline products. I find that very interesting, new marketing perhaps? The names are cute without being too OPI or boring. The best part is how moisturizing they are & how they actually look moisturizing BUT aren't slick or overly shiny. All in all, they got the texture right for this product, not something I see often with tinted balms. On top of all that, it seems to last longer than most of my balms because it has more to it.

These are available from drugstores & mega stores for under $5! I have seen them under $3 so shop around and keep an eye out for coupons!

*Item(s) sent to me for review are featured in this post. This in no way guarantees coverage. All of my reviews and reactions are honest, I would never recommend something that didn’t deserve it. For more information, please see my disclosure policy in the top bar.*


  1. very soft and cute shades love it
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  2. I just recently got Cherry me and peppermint and I'm in love! They helped my lips a lot so far, they're not chapped anymore! I love the tint Cherry Me gives, p I know you wanted a darker shade, but I feel that this is perfect for what I need it for - for class. I honestly don't mind the packaging.


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