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Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Wonders: Barielle Holiday Hustle Nail Lacquers

Remember back to my Dermstore order? Well I now have the Barielle Holiday Hustle Collection, a grouping of 4 nail lacquers in varying shades. There are 3 metallic/chrome shades and one flakie. Keep in mind these are minis, about the size of the Sally Hansen minis actually. Although this collection is from 2010, I still found myself deciding to buy them to add to my collection. Plus, there's a flakie. 'Nuff said.

 I'll give you the run down on Gelt Me to the Party, Wrap Me in Ribbon, & Snow Day first.
So these are all metallic in my opinion, with a chrome/frosty finish. I had issues with these honestly, the brush strokes never felt like they gelled together to make the perfect manicure. Frosty.

 Left to right are Gelt Me to the Party, Wrap Me in Ribbon, Snow Day, & Elle's Spell, 2 coats each no top coat. 
Gelt Me to the Party is a deep bronze, when held to the light it clearly separates into a light (where the light hits) and dark shade (the edges). Its actually pretty unique as far as polish goes, usually bronzes involve sparkle in my experience. Weird but true.
Wrap Me in Ribbon is one I would actually like to have in a full size. Its a deep lavendar/lighter plum, definitely on the mauve side. Although frosty, I definitely love the shade. Why? Maybe I haven't been rocking my usual purples or enough pinks lately?
Snow Day Meh, the usual icy blue with silver tones. This one DID NOT like me. At all. I'm serious. It went on all kinds of weird and the consistency was strange. It also took forever to dry! Why? It just wasn't working.
Now let's get into Elle's Spell. I love flakies. If you ever read my blog, you know this. I was excited for this because I thought it was going to be a gorgeous burgundy wine jelly base. Unfortunately, it was really thin and didn't dry like the jelly within the bottle. The flakes are gorgeous though, red & orange toned. I'm thinking that layered over something like a black or true red, it will be flaming gorgeous.
 Overall, not completely satisfied. Application was off, even for mini bottles. Not what I expected from Barielle. However, another flakie to add to my collection & a lovely mauve shade. That'll do pig, that'll do.

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