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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Articles on Mineral Makeup!

Image taken by me for Mom Blog Society.
 So in preparation for my summer off from work, I've been doing some writing outside of my blog. I'm a preschool assistant, for those that don't know! Anyway, I wrote some articles for an up and coming blog called Mom Blog Society. I pitched & wrote two articles I know you guys would be interested in!

I started out by looking at my collection & thinking "Wow, when did I start buying mineral makeup?" It happened so gradually, I hadn't even noticed! I mean I've always tried my best to buy cruelty free, but I don't think I even made a concious decision to start buying "natural" or "organic" items.

What is mineral makeup even? Ah, then we had an article.

Check out my two articles -- Mineral Makeup: What Makes it Different? & Mineral Makeup: How to Choose & Apply a Powder Foundation.

I hope you guys find it interesting, I sure did!

I also have a review coming up on some mineral items, pretty excited! This got me thinking, have you noticed some of your makeup items transitioning with you actually trying? What are some of your favorite mineral products? I'd love to know!


  1. Well i'm excited to see the upcoming article.I haven't much mineral products because i don't really know how to work with it ?? Great post.

  2. i love mineral makeup!! you can check out for gorgeous mineral eyeshadows!!

  3. Thanks so much! I love mineral eyeshadows, I'm always impressed when they get the pigmentation right!

  4. Hey lady! Is that Etniq's Teal Tease eyeshadow in the picture above?? Thanks for tagging Etniq in your post, btw! Hope all has been well:).

    Makeup Maven

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love mineral make up too. Like that it is less cakey and more healthy for the skin.


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