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Friday, January 27, 2012

Taupe Eyeshadow Look for the Every Day

When I think of a great work shade, taupe is the first. Its neutral but has lots of variations from shimmers, to mattes, & beyond. So, if you're a taupe lover for all occasions like me, I think you'll like this wearable look. Keep in mind none of these pictures are edited other than cropping & were taken indoors with natural light.

 Bare lashes AKA prior to mascara.

 I created this look using 3 shades from the Victoria's Secret Palette I reviewed yesterday titled as 'Victoria's Secret Party Perfect Makeup Kit Palette Review.' For reference, I used the first 3 shades in the 3rd row going down. The lightest in my inner corner & as a highlight, meduium over the lid, & deepest to darken the crease a bit. I paired this with a quick swipe of my L'Oreal  Carbon Black for mascara & my Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner in Black for Blue Eyes. Also, the green shirt is a PJ top :)

So would you wear this to work? I can do shimmer for work, can you?


  1. You have the most beautiful eyes! :)

  2. That's true. I have always wanted blue eyes. :) I noticed like a tiny speckle of brown or green in the one pic. Haha that's pretty awesome!

    1. My husband's eyes are a gorgeous brown and I always tell him that. He calls them poo brown. I think everyone wants a different eye color at some point!

      M eyes shift quite a bit at times but normally they have a really dark blue outer ring and the rest a a cloudy gray blue. As I've gotten older, I've gotten green, yellow and brown flecks around my pupil. Its been really cool to see it change, I can't wait to see how they look in my thirties! My mom and dad both have blue eyes, but mom has a similar eye change thing going on haha.


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