Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Victoria's Secret Party Perfect Makeup Kit Palette Review

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Party Perfect Makeup Kit Palette Review

I picked up this palette when it was on sale after Christmas. I wasn't really sure what I was getting honestly, but I have had really good experiences with Victoria's Secret Brand eyeshadows so far. The palette is mostly neutral/smoky eye based which works fine for me. It has just enough shades to give yourself a pop of color with your usual smokey look. Personally, I like that look better, I feel it looks edgier & more fun. This palette has zero matte shades though so if that's all you wear, its not for you! All of these shades are satins/shimmers.

Here are some random swatches. The neutrals are similar but different enough to build depth so I mostly swatched the colors. I figured this would give you a look at which shades you have an option to meld into your natural/smoky eye.

So far, I find these shades very wearable. I can see this being an easy palette to transfer from day to night. The taupes & neutrals would make great day looks, even for a professional. Then we have the gold & silver for a metallic look. Browns for a natural or smoky eye. Colors that can be used on their own or separately. See where I'm going with this?

A few had a little bit of fallout when swatched with my finger, but not in a bad way. The reason I had fallout at all was because they were satin & on the lid they blend beautifully.

The blush & bronzer are alright. Overall I love the subtle shimmer which give it more of a "glow" look. The bronzer is too orange for my skin tone & when blended it made me look near deathly. The blush is a really pretty shade though. I normally don't reach for "pop out" extras like these, but I guess that's not their fault right?

I'm pleased with this palette, especially since I rarely buy Victoria's Secret eyeshadows outside of singles & duos. This means I probably will look into buying some more!The only thing I wasn't crazy about was it was kind of hard to open & super static-y. Random? You bet! But I hate when dust is literally drawn to something I need to keep clean!

Do you ever buy Victoria's Secret brand makeup? Have you had some duds?


  1. The colors in this remind me of the mark. flip kit!

    1. Too funny, I thought the exact same thing!


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