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Friday, February 24, 2012

Etsy Spotlight: Exposed Organics Eye Dusts

Remember Etsy Spotlight? Its back & next up we have the vegan beauty company Exposed Organics!
What Exposed Organics Says: "welcome to exposed organics, your home for natural beauty with spunk. our products are created to nourish, protect and beautify without adding chemical dyes or harsh chemicals." -from the Etsy Page
I received a variety of products to review but I will first start out with the eye dusts. I am a hoarder of most makeup in general but my area of most delusion tends to be eye products! These are SUPER fine & swatched true to color. I love the packaging & although these are sample sizes I feel like I got a good amount to use over a period of time. The colors are all lovely with a similar sparkle & gleam. I recommend applying these using a patting motion as always with loose shadows to help avoid fallout! I want to note real quick how much I love the labels because the color title is similar to the color itself. I find that super helpful & wish more companies took the time to do that!

Jenda- My favorite shade, this is a cranberry/blackberry/red based purple packed with multi-colored shimmer.

Swag- An orange with hints of yellow with a golden shimmer packed within.

Charcoal- A medium grey with purple shimmer base. 

Titanium- My 2nd favorite,this is a gorgeous, multi-colored shimmering white based gray with blue undertones. Nice pigmentation & kind of reminds me of what a tiara smashed into an eye pigment would look like.

Anya- A yellow with a white base shimmer that reminds me of daffodils.

I Dream of Reenie- A multi-colored shimmering lilac toned purple that applies somewhat sheer.

Nugget- A silver toned light brown that comes off as a warm highlight shade for me.

Left to right:  Jenda, Anya, Charcoal, Titanium, Swag, I Dream of Reenie, & Nugget.

If you are loving these vegan eye dusts as much as I am, check out Exposed Organics on Etsy. You can also check them out on their new website for up to date news:!

I've started Etsy Spotlight to support individuals with original and skilled crafts. If you would like to be featured or have any questions, please contact me by e-mail at


  1. holy shimmer! ahaha i love the packaging

    1. Definitely not matte, but absolutely fun!

  2. The branding and packaging of these shadows is awesome! All the colors look great too! Thanks for the swatches!

    1. Thanks! I love this packaging, I hope other brands pick up on that!


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