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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Body Needs Eyeshadow Shots & Swatches + A Favor!

You know I really love a company when I continue to buy eye pigments online to add to my collection that could feed a small army. Are they edible? Not quite sure, but I think you get the gist. Right now they have a CRAZY clearance, I picked up 22 eye pigments for less then $20, & that's counting shipping! Wowie! Plus, they let you pick up a pigment/glitter with ever order for only a penny! I've never spent a penny better. They all come sealed REALLY well. I recommend using tweezers to remove the sticker over the sifter then storing them face side up so you don't get too much of a mess.

The pigments never disappoint & I have been loving on them since the beginning of my blogging days when I reviewed both the Eye Candy Collection & the Blackened Collection. This totally reminds me I should reswatch those BTW, let me know if you'd be interested in better swatches now that I have some more experience. Then something amazing happened. I won a contest with my Pirate Want A Parrot look & won a gift certificate. Here's what I got!

First, before you ask, yes the lighting here is awful today. I don't know why, I saved this because its supposed to be like 80, but that's how it goes in Nebraska apparently! Boo! But I did my best to make these color accurate & to catch the differences.

 Left to right: Aspen Gold, Rapture, Blue Brown Sparkle, Belladonna, Sage Matte, & Tropic Heat.

I really do love all of these shades & wish I had gotten more mattes because that Sage Matte swatched incredibly easy & smooth. Tropic Heat swatches a bit sheer but its buildable. You'll be seeing it again soon, it matches my top nail polish pick for Spring which will be in an upcoming post! Blue Brown Sparkle is a really warm brown with blue micro glitter. I love this & will be sure to do an eye look so you can see it catch in the light. Belladonna is a mysterious lady color. A purple with tinges of gray, brown, & deep plums. Lovely. Rapture is a green toned yellow & unlike anything else I have! Aspen Gold reminds me a lot of one of the new Milani eyeshadows. An olive topped with a gold sheen, really gorgeous & a staple favorite of mine.

Here is my penny pigment from this order! This is Rose Glitter, a gorgeous eye-safe glitter. See how super fine it is? I like to apply it by patting it onto a cream shadow or mixing it a bit by topping a gel liner with it to get it to stick.

 So, as a side note, I entered a contest through The Body Needs thanking our military for their service. Most of you probably know we're military but for those who don't, my husband is in the Air Force. I would be SO appreciative if you would vote for our picture together by CLICKING RIGHT HERE! I would so totally appreciate it! The winner gets a gift certificate so I could buy more stuff to use & swatch! Yay swatching! The picture is from his ALS graduation which I swatched & reviewed the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow for! That's the ever so gorgeous Perpetual Purple :) Man I love that shade!

I've never been sent anything from The Body Needs by the way, although I hope someday to be their spokesperson & bathe in pigments. That's what spokespeople do? Right? Anyone?

Please let me know if you want to see any of these in particular on the eye! What shades do you like the most? Any dupes you spot?

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  1. I've been seeing a few bloggers with stuff from the body needs recently. I have quite a few samples of their pigments I received from another blogger, but haven't used them much. Guess I need to pull them out! Thanks for the swatches! Sounds like you got a good deal!


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