Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Nail Polish Dupes: Milani in Teal & Revlon in Radiant

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nail Polish Dupes: Milani in Teal & Revlon in Radiant

So when I picked up one of these at CVS & then bought the other at Walgreens I was thrilled! I LOVE TEAL! Then I got them home, looked at both hauls & said "huh?" I mean they're both gorgeous but they are VERY close in similarity. What is the difference? Which do I prefer? Keep reading!

Milani Teal: A clear base with somewhat teal but mostly blue based mini hex glitters. Within this base there is also medium to large hex glitters in that same blue/teal shade except slightly lighter, a medium green, & silver. These glitters are very dense.

 Revlon Radiant- A clear base with dense micro hex glitter in more of a light sky blue. Bigger (medium-large) scattered glitters consist of that same sky blue, green, & silver.

Left to right medium coats: Revlon Radiant 2 coats, Milani Teal 2 coats, Revlon Radiant 1 coat, Milani Teal 1 coat.

So what's the difference? First off, the blues are definitely different shades. The Teal is darker & more jewel toned while the Radiant is much lighter & softer looking. Second is density. Milani's Teal will definitely be easier to apply if you like chunky glitter & a thicker base coat. This won't cover the entire nail however. If you want a glitter to cover the entire nail, Radiant will do that. This isn't as impressive IMHO but it will layer more densely due to the micro glitters being way more dense. I personally prefer the Milani Teal because I like the colors better however Radiant might be more "springy" to other. Dupes? Not quite, but definitely a similar concept. All of these photos are color accurate & my base is Essie's Borrowed & Blue.

Left to right medium coats: Milani Teal 1 coat, Revlon Radiant 1 coat, Milani Teal 2 coats, Revlon Radiant 2 coats.

So which do you prefer? I like them both & definitely think they're both worth a look. Interest polishes either way really. I don't believe I have anything else like them unless I did a glitter sammich.


  1. The Milani teal looks amazing over black. Reminds me of the rock star nails my manicurist used to do.


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