Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Physician's Formula Casual Eye Palette Swatches, Review, & Eye Look

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Physician's Formula Casual Eye Palette Swatches, Review, & Eye Look

The Physician's Formula Casual Eye Palette is only the first of the 4 palettes I'll be reviewing in the super cute & original packaging. Coated in jean fabric with a zipper it is possibly my favorite. I mean really, how cute is that? I wanted to start with this because  feel like its perfect for the season ahead. Plus, look how it makes my baby blues pop! I chose to work with the middle 3 shades because I wanted kind of a casual look. I'll have to take pictures of the other shades though because they are gorgeous! Interested? Keep reading!

I found all of these very blendable, like all of the PF palettes I own. The colors are definitely different but that's what I like about it! Once again, these are not for a matte lover as they are all very shimmery. I think they are very easy to work with. Like all of these type of palettes though, the colors are RIGHT beside each other so you don't get tons of any one color & it can be a tad messy over time. For me, its worth it though! I recommend checking out CVS sales because they tend to be the best for PF products. I've picked up some at around $3-$4 which is a steal! Also, this is one of the very few brushes I actually use. Its got a pointed sponge tip perfect for the shadow liner. The zipper obviously makes it a bit difficult to store but the cuteness factor overrides that for me.

Like I said, here's the 3 middle blue shades used as recommended. I liked how simple a look it was & I got quite few compliments on it. I think blue eyeshadow/liner has a bit of a bad rep even today so its funny. I probably get the most compliments when I am wearing blue or purple! My bronzer is the new pH bronzer & my lips are rocking a Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake.

 I think that about sums it up! You guys know I love these palettes, do you? Which is your favorite? & how about this packaging? Also, I think its time for my big, giant lip butter post soon! Any thoughts on those before it goes live?

*Product sent in consideration of review.

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