Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Well, the Kiss Nail Dress Outlasted Me!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Well, the Kiss Nail Dress Outlasted Me!

Fact: I put these up Monday the March 19th & it is now Saturday March 24th.
Fact: In this period of time, I have taken 4 showers & 2 really hot, long bathes.
Fact: These still look like the day I put them on.

 I didn't expect this. I mean, if you read my post on these Kiss Nail Dress accessories, then you know I used them one my nails & toes. Well, here I am ready to take them off my nails! Can you believe some peelies lasted this long? I mean, I have to be honest, I thought they would be a girl's night out type of deal. Well, I do still think they'd be fab for that occasion, these blew my expectations away!

Lowdown on my week: Playdough, washing my thick hair, typing incessantly, light gardening, lots of cooking, playing hungry hungry hippos with the kids which is much harder on your nails than I was lead to believe, ripping open mail, eating oranges, organizing my office....are you getting a picture of my nail use?
 Well, I removed them from my hands. They lefts a slight residue but that was easy to remove with some acetone. My nails aren't damaged at all, in fact, the probably look better than they did before because I haven't been painting them incessantly. I don't know how they did it, but they made miracle stickers. Somehow they took the window decals & made them incredible beauty finds! If I didn't have some new polish designs to show you guys, I seriously would have worn them on through. But they are still on my toes, as I don't know how! I have TINY toe nails but there they are, looking fab.

I promised to update & I have! I'll let you know on twitter how long they last on my toes! Hopefully writing this didn't jinx me! How long did yours last if you have tried them? How long do they last from other brands? What a fun Spring Break idea!

* These were sent to me from Influenster but this in no way impacts my opinions.


  1. Wow! Thats awesome they have lasted so long! Very impressed!

  2. OH wow!!! where did you buy these from?

    1. I personally got these from Influenster, but they have tons of them at CVS & Walgreens :)


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