Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: CVS Bargains: ESSIE Nail Treatments & Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CVS Bargains: ESSIE Nail Treatments & Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This is just a quick post because I feel like I'd want someone to tell me to look for these items! The CVS reward program is incredible & they've done it again! First let's talk about the 2 ESSIE clearnace nail treatments I snagged. These were only $4 each! Are they getting rid of them? No idea, but I do know I love ESSIE & they put out amazing nail products. These are the "Grow Stronger" & "Grow Faster" treatments. Has anyone else used these? Thoughts?
Now onto Revlon! So the magic machine popped out a $5 off Revlon Face Product coupon which was great because I needed my favorite mixer foundation. This is my older bottle of Revlon Colorstay & its for normal to dry. I needed a new one in a bit of a darker shade & for normal to oily. So on top of that coupon, they have a spend $10 on Revlon, get $4 extrabucks deal! I spent a grand total of around $2 on this foundation! Woohoo!

Have you been awaiting the clearance deals at CVS? Nouvea Cheap posted about them but it happened to be a mistake. There are clearance tags everywhere....but they just mean that these products are on their way out the door. Get 'em while they're here kind of deal.

What are some bargains you've picked up lately? I love a good deal!


  1. Good tip on the ColorStay, thanks! I've been experimenting with some Physicians Formula foundation but I'm thinking of going back to ColorStay.

    P.S. Just wanted to let you know your word verification is turned on for comments, in case you want to turn it off. :)

    1. Thanks! I hadn't gotten around to it & am not a fan. You should easily be able to make comments now ;)

  2. 99 cent sinful colors at walgreens!! have you checked out my blog? ;)

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