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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review

Nebraska hates my skin. No seriously, it does. This insane combo skin I have going on has been so hard to treat. My cheeks are very dry & sometimes even to the point of flaky. My T-zone is oily & breakout prone. My under-eyes have been getting hit with eczema. Is it any wonder I'm not digging this change? Going through acne cleansers, combo cleanser, & ultra-hydrating cleansers isn't helping either. I mean, there's a war going on between the dry & oily clans on my face. No one is a winner here folks.

What the Freeman website says about this product: This creamy, silky cream cleanser gently rids impurities without stripping the skin of its needed natural oils.  Clears skin without drying it out. Perfect for normal to dry skin.

Directions: dampen face with warm water and massage over skin. Rinse and pat dry.

Key Ingredients:
Kiwi Fruit Extract

Yogurt Extract

Aloe Leaf Juice

Normally I test skincare loner than 2 weeks, but I have to jump on this cleanser. This is the Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser & I am becoming rather obsessed. Not only does this come with a drugstore price tag, but it smells like fresh cut kiwis. Not kiwi strawberry drink mix, but the actual scent of kiwis. The yogurt addition is something kind of new to me for a cleanser. I love yogurt masks, but I've never used it as a main ingredient in a face wash before. That was my mistake clearly.

I use this in the morning since all my makeup is off & I just have to face off my night creams & that grime from sleeping. This face face doesn't lather (much like sulfate-free shampoos which are currently all the rage!) which is probably one of the keys to why its so moisturizing. If you'll notice, most moisturizing washes are cream based so that the lather doesn't dry out your skin. It looks like a thin yogurt in the tube but it smooths out pretty clear. I have never used it to remove makeup so I can't judge it on that front.

This leaves my skin with the perfect amount of moisture so that I can treat my oily areas & not worry about my dry ones. The scent is addicting as well as it isn't too strong when I'm in my zombie morning state. The texture is much like a gel which is pretty different for me. I'm not used to something being that smooth on my skin & being a cleanser. This has me definitely rethinking some of my cleanser choices lately! Love it!

You can purchase this from the Freeman website for the bargain price of $3.99!

This product was sent by PR for review consideration. This in no way effects my opinion on the product.


  1. i seriously love freeman products!!! great review

    1. Thanks! Me too! Kind of obsessed really! xo

  2. uggh girl i feel you on the combination skin. part of my skin will be an oily mess and the other will be super dry. i really want to try a freeman product. they all look so yummy!!

  3. Sounds like a good cleanser! I have the same issues you do. Dry cheeks and oily acne prone t-zone. I'm not sure what changed in my routine because I go through a lot of products easily lol.. but my cheeks aren't dry anymore. Yay us :)


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