Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Mani of the Day: China Glaze Ray-Diant Swatches

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mani of the Day: China Glaze Ray-Diant Swatches

I will start out with, how gorgeous is this collection? I picked up 2 polishes & honestly could have snagged them all. They only had 3 left when I ran into Sally's though! These Prismatics got snapped up fast.
 Pointer has one coat, middle 2 coats, ring finger 3 coats, & pinkie 4. This is before I chopped my nails, clearly. They needed it!
China Glaze Ray-Diant: A clear base packed with yellow-toned green sheen mini glitters & with green, orange, blue, and pink small to medium hexagon glitters. Has a slight antique gold feel to it.

I love this shade, it is SO different from everything else I've ever found. As always, this glitter is annoying to remove, but applies like an absolute dream. The sheen is extremely gorgeous in person  I got a few questions about what I was wearing. Just to note, I never get questions here in Nebraska ;)

Stay tuned for the other shade I got! Have you picked any of these up?


  1. The polishes from this collection does look gorgeous! I don´t own ny of them yet, but I hope I will.

  2. *drool* This looks so pretty! And your nails are so long! Mine always break or start bugging me around half that length...I think it's all the typing? :)


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