Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: MyGlam Bag April 2012...Underwhelming but Funny.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

MyGlam Bag April 2012...Underwhelming but Funny.

 If you saw my April Birchbox review/unboxing, then you know I wasn't impressed. Then I opened my MyGlam bag (also $10) & was underwhelmed. Again.

At this point I feel like I'm getting a MyGlam bag just to be let down. For one thing, they don't address customer issues the right way. I feel like they have tried sweeping things under the rug & making big excuses instead of just doing the right thing & straight-up apologizing. Here's what I've been hearing:

"Aren't the brushes nice? She went all the way to another country & hand picked them for you!" 
Eh, they're okay. Still smell a bit funky. I don't see a difference from the two brushes in this bag & my ELF ones. Except that ELF packages them for me so they arrive in good shape.

"What about the eyeliner! Its Urban Decay!"
Yes, I know this! I do love Urban Decay! However, I have this shade & although I love it, wish I had gotten something else. I don't hate this pencil, I just already own it. In a full size.

"Okay, well everyone loves false lashes!"
You know what, I do like false lashes sometimes. Not often do I wear a full set, but I do like them. You know what I don't like? That the only thing I can read in English on this whole package is what I assume to be the brand name & the following phrases:

1. Yellow Haunt. WTF IS THIS?
2. Kevin. Um okay Kevin, what can you tell me about these lashes man?
3. Gamma Ray Sterilization. ...WHAT?
4. Natural Soft Comfort. Natural for who? No, really?
5. We love the Earth. Me too man, internet high five.

"Wow, you guys are hard to please! Here's a FULL SIZE lippie from Dermstore!"
Let's get this straight, I love Dermstore. Really I do. But this lip quench was NOT created for me. It feels like I put silicone directly onto my lips & its wicked thick. The shimmers isn't bad but the smell is. I say it smells like some kind of chemicals. Husband said it smelled like rotten skittles. Either way, not sexy.

Below are the swatches of my Urban Decay pencil in Radium & the Dermstore Lip Quench . You can see the lip quench is super heavy & thick in the middle. I smoothed out the edges so you could tell how thick it is.

So there you go! That's my MyGlam bag summed up in a more entertaining form. What did you think of yours? Am I being a negative nancy? What issues have YOU had with MyGlam?


  1. Agree with you 100%. Thankfully I never subscribed to myglam or any other monthly beauty box. From what I've seen and the complaints/ concerns, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on them and have bought this I like/ Love.

    1. See, I LOVE grab bags so the surprise is definitely fun for me. But when its of poor company quality, then I have to start looking for something new!

  2. This was my first and the lip quench is a bit thick but mines smells good, it doesn't stink.. I heard others say their bag didn't spell like glue or something this time but mine did, even though I didn't bother to mention it on my post but yeah.

    1. I'm thinking maybe my lip quench is a dud? I don't know, but its bad. Te stench isn't NEARLY what it was last month. Last month left it in my car after I got the mail & went into work & it was absolutely unbearable when I had to get in my car to go home!

  3. Those items don't seem too bad :D The eyeliner looks gorgeous! Btw! The Dior brush in your banner is one of my all time favorite eyeshadow brushes :D

  4. I cancelled. Three strikes and they're out. So OVER. My glam.

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