Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Girls with Pearls Flutter, Sweet Dreams, & Firefly

I'm not sure how I managed to never swatch these! Sinful Colors released the Girls With Pearls Collection in March I believe. These were at my Walgreens for like a split second before they disappeared. I picked up only 3 of the new shades & used Purple Diamond (which was also in the display as a repromote). My black is Sinful Colors Black on Black which is a very glossy black. i didn't use top coat with these however I did use base coat. My nails were having issues back when I swatched these.
Flutter- A sweet blue toned pink with a glistening silver shimmer. Not overwhelming but it is visible up close.

Sweet Dreams- A lightened Caribbean blue with a glistening silver shimmer. Harder to see than in Flutter.

Firefly- A medium yellow with a glistening silver shimmer. Probably the least visible shimmer on the nail.

I picked Purple Diamond since it was on the display but it isn't like the others, clearly. It is much more cheer, shimmery, & even  gives off kind of a metallic sheen. Its not one I wear often at all. i should probably start layering this.

Sinful Colors has been coming out with TON of collections lately, have you guys noticed that? I mean, TONS! I really do like these 3 shades & I will have to check out the 2 or 3 floating around currently. I only find these at Walgreens.


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