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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ulta Bargain: TARTE Amazonian Blush & Bronze on the Go + Review

I usually spring for full size items. I think "What the heck, that mini is a third of the size at half the price!" & often this is true. But I have been dying to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay products but I have a pretty extensive blugh & bronzer collection so I was timid. I picked this up a few weeks ago from Ulta for only $15 & I think it worked out great for me. If you are a person who often doesn't finish a blush or bronzer, I think this would also be great for you! As far as the duo goes, these are each .11 ounces while the full size is .32 ounces. Price breakdowns are below as well as swatches at the end.

Love the packaging. Some people might be upset they don' have mirrors but that doesn't bother me one bit. Very sturdy, not overly messy like some mini size powder items, & most of all, adorable packaging that is very much a Tarte signature.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Dollface
Artificial Light.
 This is the shade (along with Tipsy) that I was told I HAD to try. Life or death type thing. This is touted as lasting for 12 hoursbut the most interesting claim is that they are made for ALL skin types. I'm not sure if that's true as I only have my skin, but i can tell you it lasted all day on my dry cheeks. It again lasted through some rigorous Red Rover we played the other day, never underestimate kids who want to win. I find it to be easily blendable & well pigmented. This color compliments me. It isn't shimmery but gives a nice glow effect on the skin.

I found this easy to apply if I tapped my brush into the color, not swirled. Tapping got the pigment on my brush without breaking up the powder which is a bit soft. I think this is due to the moisturizing effect its supposed to give. The color Dollface specifically is quite pretty, but I don't agree its a soft pink. I think of it more as a brighter light pink with cool undertones. This didn't last a full 12 hours on me though, but maybe a brighter shade would? It did last well over 8.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are $25 for .20 ounces. The mini is (I'm splitting the $15in half for these!) $7 for .11 ounces. Bargain much? Unless you feel you need a mirror, pick up a few of these suckers & enjoy the free bronzer!

Tarte Mineral Bronzer in Park Ave Princess
Artificial Light.
I was most excited about the blush, but I also love me some bronzer. I'm fair so I do find it hard to find bronzers I feel compliment my skin without giving me that over-baked look. This one is quite shimmering in the pan so its likely I wouldn't have looked twice at it in the store due to its price tag. I can find shimmering bronzers for a lot less.

Once again, Park Ave Princess would have to be the shade I've heard most about. Then again, there is only two shades so I guess that's not saying much! Park Ave Princess is something I wouldn't have picked up on my own & that would have been a mistake. Although it looks to be packed with shimmer, this gives a beautiful glow to my fair skin. Granted, you need to use a much lighter hand & its not a contouring bronzer. I love the healthy glow it gives & its pigments enough I only use the LIGHTEST touch. I don't even use my regular brush but a less dense one. I also like this swiped across my collarbones for a night out.

Tarte Mineral Bronzers are $29 for .32 ounces.This mini (again splitting it in half) is $7 for .11 ounces. You can definitely save a few bucks if you don't mind having a mini & not having a mirror!
Overall, I know a lot of people got these samples for free & if I don't say something about that I know I'll get informed of that. But for those of us who didn't do gifts with purchase & such, this is the perfect sampler of each in shades that should fit many skin tones. I wish they had some darker options for deeper skin tones availible though. I would buy these every time they came out with them as long as they stayed at this value. This has me thinking I need at least one other blush, well done Tarte. No sane person needs another blush with the amount I have, so cheers to you.


  1. I will check them.. Thanks for the post <3!!!

  2. I would totally have picked these up too! Thanks for sharing! I'm still wanting to try one of the Amazonian clay blushes, but still haven't got around to it.

  3. Thanks girls! I hope you will let me know how you like them, I think they're on the ULTA site as well!

  4. Wow these both look beautiful.. I wish we could get Tarte in Ireland xxx


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