Monday, April 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Peachy Keen, Ring Around the Rosy, & Birthday Suit Swatches & Review

So here are the first 3 Mega Shield Lip Colors I picked up & I liked them so much I have picked up 2 more. Because these were the first its only fair you see them first right? All 3 of these are gorgeous.

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Peachy Keen- A peachy bronze frost that gives off the warmth of gold without being too over the top.

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Ring Around the Rosy- A rose shade that leans a bit raisin. This one is creamy & without shimmer. Very wearable.

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Birthday Suit- A pink toned nude with a frosted finish. For those who were digging my lip color for my Purple Smoky Eye Post I did for my birthday, this was the lip color used. Although its a frost I find it really easy to wear.

 So what makes these so great? Besides their price tag, color selection, & being from a brand I trust, these are great lip colors overall. Moisturizing but will last longer than other moisture rich shades. I love the feel on my lips as they aren't thick or slick, two things I'm not interested in for summer. Plus...SPF! I LOVE that! I'll be wearing these more in videos & pictures so stay tuned if you want to see them with a full face. All three are lovely against my skin tone & I can't imagine them not working on someone else really.These also swatched easily & although they are buildable I can also wear them sheer because they are well pigmented.

A negative? Yep. The packaging on these is just ...weird! The two photos above comes on each single tube. I'll let my girl Kelly at Vampy Varnish explain because she does it so eloquently. Done ready? Okay so these are picking up fuzz like crazy around where the sticker was. So annoying. Other than the whole sticker dilemma, I rather like the tube. It feels sturdy & such.

These are $2.99 each but Wet n Wild is often sold in stores with great sales so be sure to check that out before you hunt them down. I believe I picked mine up from CVS or Walgreens. Have you tried these? What shades are you loving?

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  1. wow these look great! great post! I subbed! found you on glamazon :)

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