Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Eyes: Mahya Turquoise & Fairy Tale + Citrine Glitter

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eyes: Mahya Turquoise & Fairy Tale + Citrine Glitter

Here is my first eye look featuring the Mahya glitter I reviewed & raved about a few days ago. I'm also using Mahya eyeshadows in Turquoise & Fairy Tale. The glitter featured is Citrine which is probably the most muted of the bunch.

First, let's look at these two shadows without the glitter. I love Turquoise & I always feels so ethereal wearing this shade. The color shift is gorgeous & Fairy Tale is blended lightly as my highlight. I love this combo! The 2nd 2 photos were taken in shade so you an see Turquoise shifts in pretty much any lighting...woo!

Citrine was applied only to the bottom portion of my eye with the Mahya Eye Glitter Gel. This held wonderfully & I used an angled eyeliner brush that isn't stiff enough to apply the glue to the exact area while not applying too much or too little.

What do you think of this eye look? Don't forget, if you have an color requests to pair with the glitters just let me know! How do you wear glitter usually?


  1. ~Wow~
    your eyes look beautiful!!

  2. This really compliments your eye colour!

  3. Beautiful look, gorgeous colours! ;)

  4. I love the glitter with the turquoise eyeshadow. It's a great combo and looks amazing on you!

  5. Pretty gorgeous look! I love how you blend the shadows it compliments the entire look. Reminds me of my childhood fantasy.

  6. I love this! I mean... turquoise and teal is my favorite color palette, so maybe I'm biassed. It's really weird though, every time I wear blue eye shadow people say my eyes look green even though they're a very light blue. It's kind of cool how it changes people's perception of my eye color when I wear blues.


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