Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Graduation Manicure: Zoya Lara & Arizona

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation Manicure: Zoya Lara & Arizona

Can you even dye my nails to match my gown? UH HUH!

Well the school year is over & my little tykes (most of them!) have moved along to kindergarten. Its a sad & happy thing but honestly...mostly sad. I'll miss my kids dearly. But you must know I'm going out looking fabulous!

I picked up this dress at Kohls because it was bright, cheery, & definitely school appropriate. I paired it with black wedges, neutral makeup, & my hair in a high pony tail. Pretty but subtle. But my nails...I needed something more fun. I thought this pair was striking but not too over the top with this dress since everything else was low-key. I also paired it with these gold coral earrings I got at Kohls in a haul. The dress is more color accurate in my manicure photos, the full size dress was one I snapped for my Instagram. :)

The pink shade is Lara from Zoya while the tangerine accent nail is Arizona from Zoya. Love these 2 together! I topped them with a heavy dose of Seche Vite.

So what do you think? I really enjoyed it & actually wore it for 3 days longer...that's a long time for me!


  1. Wow, beautiful polish colors, and they go so nicely with the dress!

  2. the dress is really cute!!!!!


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