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Thursday, May 24, 2012

MyGlam Bag for May 2012

As far as MyGlam bags go, I feel like this one is in the middle somewhere. I think when we look at subscription services sometimes, we forget that its only $10. Do we want our moneys worth? Indeed, but sometimes we expect them to be way more impressive. Read on to see what I think about this bag in particular!

 The contents:

1. Love Sweet Love Fragrance from Philosophy
I like this perfume quite a bit although it is VERY girly. I haven't tested out longevity or anything really on it yet. I'll have to see how it smells on my skin.

2. Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Winter Red. 
 I just have to say right off the bat: WTF, why are they giving us red lipstick now instead of in fall/winter? Bummer! I really don't wear red (unless its a tint) during spring & summer because I prefer lip colors that are either a bright spring shade or low maintenance all together.

I swatched it 2 different ways to see if I could sheer it out. The bottom swatch is 2 swipes atop one another & the top is one swipe sheered out. This is really moisturized feeling but it smells like plastic vanilla. It has a golden or red glitter to it. Its fine, but visible so I probably won't wear it sheered.

3. ISS (Kiss?) Beauty Nail Bling
These nail sticker decal things have me on the negative side of the fence. I took a picture with my largest nail (besides my thumb) to show how large these are. I wish some of them had smaller hearts because on me, these will probably look pink & silver...not silver with hearts. These are really textured as well so I wonder how well they will stay.

4 + 5. MyGlam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush
The last 2 brushes (according to the card) are finally here. Its not that I hate these brushes but the first few stank to high heaven. I find these to be about ELF quality (around $1-$3) which isn't a big deal except that I didn't really need these. I'm glad they are coming to an end although I know some people really liked them.

Overall, this isn't the best or the worst. I will keep on next month though if for no other reason than the brushes will end. I want to see what they include instead. If they switch to foil packets or cheapie products to replace them, I'll likely kiss this subscription goodbye.

What do you guys think of this bag? Are you subscribed to MyGlam?


  1. Well yes, not very many great prodcuts. I love the lipstick shade, but yeah, I also don´t wear red lipstick. What I´ve seen so far then MyGlam is something I would not subscribe to.

    1. Yeah I don't hate this one but they aren't exactly on cue with my tastes.

  2. u gotta pretty red!! i likey mine was caca brown lol

  3. Glad you didn't get a bad lipstick shade! Better than poop brown! I got a pink that isn't unique to my collection so I am gonna give it away eventually on my blog haha :D

    1. Aw I love pinks though! Did yours smell similar?

  4. This is my first month with myglam so i wanted to stick around. I don't know if I'm using the defining eye liner brush right, because it doesnt seem to pick up my eye liner well. I like my angled brush for applying eyeliner.

    My shade is a maroonish color. Not too bad actually.

    I bite my nails so the nail decals aren't helpful..but I can always put them on my big toe or thumbs..thats about all.

    Hopefully next month is better!


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