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Sunday, May 20, 2012

PINK by MAHYA- The Most Fabulous Glitters (including a holo!)

Are you ready for a glitter extravaganza? I don't hear enough wonderful things about Mahya, let alone about these incredibly gorgeous & versatile glitters. Mahya has a pretty wide range of shades including my personal favorite (Jewell) which is a fine holo. Endless options, fabulous glue, & the differences can all be found in this post! I can't WAIT to get more to show you!

 From Mahya Minerals Website:
  • This is NOT your normal teenage glitter that leaves you looking like a disco ball!
  • Very adult, very sexy!
  • Add to you favorite shadow, blush, and lip color for added shimmer.
  • Add to your body lotion and apply to add stunning highlights.
  • Add to hair gel and apply, or sprinkle into you hair brush, brush through, and spray with hairspray to hold shimmers in.
  • Fun additions to your makeup case!
  • Cosmetic grade glitters to add flash and glam!
  • Each color is a multi-faceted explosion of colors!
  • Add to your eye-shadow for extra FLASH.
What I Say: 

Let's start off with the 4 glitters shall we? I have 6 items total (plus the Eye Glitter Gel!) but 2 are a different type. The glitters are all very different & finer than I had expected. Jewell & Citrine are noticeably finer than both First Date & Kisses. Don't get me wrong, I like having multiple size options. If you guys want a comparison for the glitter size, I'll be happy to do that as well. Because they are so fine, I recommend not removing the plastic sticker that goes atop the sifter completely. I use tiny scissors & only remove 1-2 holes so that I have better control of the glitter.

Now let's talk about Starry Night & Twilight! These are from a different line called Glittery Minerals. These are basically eyeshadows mixed with glitters so they have a bit of both. I love these! Each has a base that covers the spaces that glitters often leave. This allows you to use them on their own, preferably under a base for tackiness. I do highly recommend the Mahya Eyeshadow base as its very tacky but using the Glitter Eye Gel in conjunction isn't a bad idea either.

The Glitter Eye Gel I have is in a pot & you get a lot. It doesn't dry out & seals really well. On the site, it is now available in a tube with a wand. I haven't tried this method from Mahya yet but if I do, I will be sure to let you know which I prefer. This is incredible, not too thick or thin. I apply it with an angled eyeliner brush for a bit of accuracy. You can definitely dab it on & then apply the glitter when its tacky. This hold the glitter like crazy. I haven't tried many glitter glue type products but this was definitely impressive in both ease of use & the longevity of wear.

- Kisses: A medium pink glitter.
- First Date: A medium purple glitter.
- Citrine: An gold toned bronze ultra fine glitter.
- Jewell: An ultra fine silver holo glitter.

Glittery Minerals:
- Twilight: A blurple (yes, blue & purple) powder that is so sparkling it looks to be glitter in a super fine form. This has a smoky base.
- Starry Night: A black/charcoal base with black & silver glitter.

So basically, you need at least ten of these. Maybe 50. I am now pretty obsessed & desperately need to collect every single one. There are so many I want now & I can't wait to try these with clear nail polish! I mean, the possibilities are pretty much endless! From the Glittery Minerals line, I'm dying to try Radiant, Summer, & Sneaking Out. From the Glitters I think next I need to get my hands on Aquamarine, Ladies Night, Gem, & Sassy Brassy. After shopping around, I pretty much need them all.

To pick these items up, just check out the Mahya Minerals website. I am not an affiliate so the following links are a courtesy: Glittery Minerals, Glitters, & Glitter Eye Gel.

I have some eye looks coming up using these soon so stay tuned for those, they are quite lovely if I do say so myself!

These products were provided for review from Mahya Minerals but this in no way effects my review or opinions. These are my honest opinions.


  1. *claps* Beautiful! Very very nice glitters indeed! <3

  2. these are oober gorgeous ive been getting into glitters lately cant wait for imats thats my goal this year haha

    1. Will you be at the LA IMATS? I will be!

  3. These look gorgeous! I would like to see a look created with using these :)

  4. Wow that holo is amazing! Please do an eye look with it :)

  5. SDo you guys have any color combos in mind? I paired Citrine with Turquoise & Starry Night with a red/purple but everything else is still being decided! I have some fab brights, a green & pink especially! Please do let me know!

  6. I haven't heard of these products before. Kind of remind me of the Eye Kandy glitters. Love the look you just did with Stary Night :)

    1. Thanks so much! They do, I actually picked up some Eye Kandy at IMATS so they should be making an appearance soon as well! YAY!


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