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Friday, May 18, 2012

Target Sally Hansen Clearance Haul

Target isn't usually the place I go to find deals but every once in awhile, I stumble onto a great one. Sally Hansen is one of my favorite brands so when I saw them on clearance I jumped on that. Here's what I picked up!

So these strips are something I've been waiting to try, especially for spring. I loved my nail polish strips from KISS that I got in one of my Influenster boxes so much that this made me want to try these. Now that I have them, I'm a bit nervous honestly. These are like mega huge....& my nails are not. Maybe I can save the excess & use them like I did with the KISS ones? We'll see... Their official name is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.

The ones I got are Checker Out (green & white plaid), Pink-A-Dot (light pink on white polka dots), &  my personal favorite All-A-Flutter. All-A-Flutter is the only textured/shimmering with pink, yellow, & green butterflies on kind of a pearly off-white background. Pretty!

Usually these go on sale way after the season (Christmas for summer anyone?) so I was excited to find all of these for only $2.56 a piece. I think I'll take these with me to Cali (or at least one of them!) for when my nails start looking crappy & I'm too lazy to actually wear them. These are normally anywhere from $8-$13 bucks.

These nail files were a steal at only 30 cents each. The plaid & butterfly files match the manicure strips but there weren't any multicolor plaid ones available. I'm not crazy about this pattern on me, feels a bit aged, but on a file its all good. Only 30 cents each.

For those that use these strips, any tips? What should I expect & do you ever save the excess? Has anyone else picked up deals like this on these strips? I also picked up a pair at CVS for only 99 cents here in one of my past hauls!


  1. Those strips are too cute! Can't wait til you show us how you use it :)

  2. Great value and super cute everything.

  3. WHAT A STEAL! The stuff at the Target near me never goes on clearance like that. SO lucky! :]


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