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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travel: Showoffs Travel Bags (similar to Tili bags!)

So since Birchbox has included Tili bags in all of the videos/posts I've seen so far (I won't get mine till I get back, BOO!) I thought I better show you what bags I'm using my for my trip! In comparison, I can only go with what I've seen of the Tili bags, but these look MUCH more durable, reusable, & have the great flat bottom so your items can actually stand straight up!

I was sent a variety, here they are!
Wait, a whole bag devoted to shiny things & purple? Well you know I'm in!

I honestly like all of these, even the brown ones because my husband could use them & not feel "girly" which is rare when packing since I do most of it. I've had bags leak not only onto my clothing, but EXPENSIVE products as well. Such a waste! These have many uses in them as far as gifting goes too since I'm usually gifting makeup/beauty items to family & friends across the US.

Are plastic bags cheaper? Yes, but I've also never had one NOT rip on me! Plus, these just look cuter. & they have free shipping on their site which you can find here: I'll probably use these to go camping with as well since I am consistently losing my keys, bobby pins, toothpaste...ok everything. Nature steals my stuff. Great to separate a wet bathing suit too!

These come with a set of bottles but you can also squeeze some of your own minis in there too!

*A sample of this product was sent for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I'll have to check these out. I am looking forward to seeing if the Tili bags are durable..but I'm sure these are much better quality for the price compared to the Tili bags.

  2. They are really cute! :) New follower

    Cierra @ Sugar & Spice

    1. Thanks! They really are! & not patterns you see everyday either which is a nice change.

  3. I adore the designs! Pretty and stylish, its fun to have these.


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