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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travel: L'Occitane Verbena Sachet & Fragrance/Gloss Duo!

When it comes to traveling, I have the hardest time with fragrances You'll see lots of posts coming up revolving around them because I'm pretty much obsessed. Although I have some favorite scents, L'Occitane took it a step further than my DKNY duo by fusing a gloss & duo. How has this never fallen into my hands before? I want duos like this of, well, everything! The sachet is something I love & I think it will surprise many people why. Read on to find out more!

From L'Occitane: This original duo combines two beauty essentials in one conveniently sized tube. The Roll On contains the soft and powdery Pivoine Délicate Eau de Toilette. The Lip Gloss melts onto lips, coating them with a pearly radiant shine. This duo, perfectly sized to keep in your handbag, is a must for touch-ups throughout the day! 

So, this is a heavenly duo perfect for my purse. I love the scent but it is very floral. The main notes are peony, roses, & Lily of the Valley. On me, this leans more rose-y which I really enjoy. I find this to smell very much like an innocent romance. This is unlike most of my other perfumes & I might need to start forcing myself out of the fruit notes & into some different ones. The gloss pairs really well with its peach toned pink & golden glitter flecks. This isn't opaque & is very wearable. The gloss actually smells like the perfume as well!

Note the braille on the back which I never see on packaging anymore!

L'Occitane Pivoine Délicate Roll-On & Gloss Duo, Limited Edition but still available, $24 on their site.

Every time I travel, I like to add something to my bag to make my clothes smell nice. Sometimes I use LUSH packaging but usually I try to use something like this L'Occitane sachet. I think it adds a nice touch & it isn't too overwhelming in even a small suitcase. These last a long time & also work great in a closet, drawer, or even a pantry. 

I'm about to geek out, ready? Verbena is actually the common name for vervain which is written into the books & show "The Vampire Diaries" & is used to ward off vamps. I told you I was geeking out a bit! I haven't found many verbena based home items so I was thrilled with this one. It smells so bright & citrusy which I wasn't expecting. Guess I watch too many vampire shows huh? This sachet basically has the dried flowers in it & while it isn't overpowering, you can definitely smell it throughout your bag. This has always been a scent that had to do with supernatural stories & history. Fascinating stuff & even more enjoyable in person!

L'Occitane Verbena Scented Sachet, $10 on their site.

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  1. wow! I didn´t know this kind of duos existed :D The shade of the gloss looks really cute :)

    1. I know right? How is every company not rolling out with them? It is! Very feminine!

  2. Perfect gift set for my friends! Thanks for this! :)

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