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Friday, June 8, 2012

Travel: Pier 1 Paper Soaps in Pineapple, Key Lime Pie, & Lavender!

**This post is part of my travel posts which I'm writing after much requesting! I'm attending IMATS in LA on June 24th, 2012 & now I can share with you guys travel related reviews, what I'm taking, & much more! If you have any specific questions or requests, just let me know!**

It must have been at least a year ago when I walked into Pier 1 & stumbled upon these perfect soaps. I always find these up by the register & they are only $1! Bargain right? They fit easily into whatever I'm taking & smell really good!

 - GREAT for delicate hands. These aren't overly fragrant so they don't bother or dry out my skin at all.

- Wide variety of scents! I've noticed some scents come & go but so far, I've never had a problem finding something I like. Pictured here are Key Lime Pie, Pineapple, & Lavender.

- These don't disintegrate in my hands when they're dry. I can touch them, fold them, & move them around without having it fall apart.

- Hell! They're only $1! You get 15 sheets! I recommend tearing them in half for tiny hands!

-I've only ever had issues with one lid & it didn't slide closed tight enough. This didn't bug me much, I just used a bit of tape. This isn't neccessarily a con, just something to be aware of!

-Like I said, these work great for sensitive hands because they aren't super fragrant. If you love strong soaps, these might not be for you.

-Only available at Pier 1 (although you can find something similar at other places!) so you might need to go a bit out of your way to pick some up! When you do though, stock up!


  1. I have never heard about or seen paper soaps :D

  2. Wow I need to try these! Too bad there aren't many Pier 1 stores around here in L.A...


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