Friday, July 6, 2012

Mattese Elite Makeup & Nail Polish Deal from Ricky's NYC!

So...this is pretty incredible. Not only the $10 makeup deal but now their nail polishes are BOGO! Woohoo! I just bought quite a bit off the site to add up to free shipping which is $50. They have lots of nail polish dupes, many from OPI. I can't let you know if they are perfect or glorious yet, but expect to see them when they arrive in a haul! From photos...they look insane.

Here's 3 I'm very excited about:

I mean, of course I'm excited about them all but man...these are stunners! Normally I don't post deals like this as a blog post but rather on my Facebook wall...but I'm so excited I couldn't stand it! Have you ever ordered anything from Ricky's? Big thanks to Nouveau Cheap as well, she let me know about the deal!
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