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Sunday, September 9, 2012

EOS Alice in Wonderland Trio Review + Secret Packaging!

So if you saw my post yesterday about the release of the Alice in Wonderland EOS trio, then you know I went on a mission. I HAD to have them. So I went on a mission! I got loads of hits on the post from yesterday so I know I wasn't the only one! If you missed that post, I also got information from my contact at EOS & they explained why out of all the Disney characters they went with Alice.

So here's the display at Target:


& here it is at home!!!! This is definitely adorable packaging! I had some comments on my press release about how these didn't look very "Alice" & instead looks more Disney. I think I said this in my post, but I am really hoping the reason for that is maybe more Disney collaborations in the future! I personally like the Mickey Mouse ears, but maybe they will do some more snazzy packaging in the future? My husband uses these too (usually the sweet mint or lemon!) so he probably appreciates the lack of girly additions.



So here's my take on this trio! I love it, go figure. The Sweet Vanilla Nonsense is actually (surprisingly!!!) my favorite! It smells like vanilla sugar, so yummy & warm without being overpowering. The Watermelon Wonderland was the one I was most looking forward to & although I like it, it is very subtle. It won't be a too sweet smelling at all. The Blueberry Potion is actually wonderful. Normally I dislike blueberry scented items because they tend to smell bitter but this smell wonderful. These all taste good as well...not that I suggest eating them.

Here's Blueberry Potion next to my Passionfruit one! Love those ears!

The hidden picture is shown below, & I plan to cut it out & add it to my "this-n-that" board. It is SO cute & fabulous & ALICE. I also LOVE the little Alice in Wonderland details on the packaging.

So there it is! Everything! I've switched off wearing all of them since last night to make sure there was nothing "off" & personally love all 3! I picked this up at Target, but if you want to know when it will hit other stores check out the link at the top for my Q & A with EOS & the PR info! PLEASE let me know if you love these as much as I do! I sure hope they release more with Disney...hopefully with SPF!
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