Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: NEW Limited Edition Maybelline Baby Lips Swatches + Review!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEW Limited Edition Maybelline Baby Lips Swatches + Review!


First off, let me say how much I love you guys! A kind reader e-mailed me to ask if I had gotten my hands on the new Maybelline Baby Lips shades because she remembered reading my first review. I so appreciate you guys thinking of me & remembering posts like that!
Sure enough, I had heard of them & grabbed them up last night. These come in packs of 2 & there are 3 Limited Edition shades. One of the 4 is one of my favorites I tried & one of my most worn. I know you've seen it before, but I figured I'd swatch Peach Kiss along with the others since it was there & all. Keep in mind I keep the clear Baby Lips (Quenched) in my purse 24/7 along with an EOS balm. LOVE these.
Swatches left to right: Peach Kiss, Pink Wink, Coral Crush, & Twinkle.

Peach Kiss: A bronze leaning peach with subtle silver shimmer. Smells peachy, but not overly candy-like, more fresh.

Pink Wink: A sheer pink with no shimmer. This one smells of bubblegum which usually makes me nauseous but this one is light enough that it doesn't bug me.

Coral Crush: A very orange leaning coral that applies really pretty & sheer. It smells of blood oranges. Instant love.

Twinkle: A super sheer pink (practically clear!)  gloss that smells of strawberry Starbursts or Skittles. LOVE this isn't too overwhelming either!

So I don't think I realized how addicted to these I would be when I did my initial review because I had just really stopped wearing everything except my Revlon Lip Butters. These are clearly more sheer but they get just as much use. I love how intensely moisturizing these are but they AREN'T thick at all. At all. Plus they don't have loads of shimmer if any at all. Swatched here, only the permanent shade Peach Kiss has shimmer. The rest might look shiny or shimmery, but that's just how moisturizing they are.

Funny note: Normally I swatch on the back of my hand...but I swatched some glosses that stain so I had to swatch on my arm! Funny stuff!

I picked these 2 packs up from my local Walgreens...I'm not honestly sure if they are/will be available anywhere else! Have you tried these balms before? Do you like them?
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