Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Happy Thanksgiving! + What I'm Thankful For!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! + What I'm Thankful For!


As gimmicky as it sounds & as thankful as you should be every day, I still like to do this every year. I have always loved Thanksgiving because my family traditions are...very different. Since getting married 4 years ago, we've spent a Thanksgiving with his family & with mine. Spending it with mine, I thought his head would very possibly explode. I'll explain more...

#1. I'm thankful I grew up doing a non-traditional Thanksgiving. Weird right? But I really am. As much as I love Thanksgiving food ( I really do!) tamale Thanksgiving ranks high on my list of wonderful memories. So does "learning how to use our RV oven" Thanksgiving & our "let's try this random place in the middle of nowhere that says they will be open" Thanksgiving. We did have some traditional Thanksgivings but although tasty, I simply don't remember them as well! If I could spend every Thanksgiving in California with my family, I would.

#2. I'm grateful I can cook. Ryan is horrified every time I bring up how much I miss Tamale Thanksgiving. I mean, in horror. He is from Texas & ultra-traditional. When I took him home for Thanksgiving & explained "In the afternoon we spend Thanksgiving at a park & pretty much just eat pie then go home & eat food a few hours later" he just looked at me. He still thinks it is weird but had a lot of fun. I now cook a traditional Thanksgiving, last year when my mom was visiting & this year for us & a friend. If I didn't know how to cook (& cook well) he'd honestly probably still eat it. But I'm glad everything is tasty even if they aren't super creative dishes.

#3. I'm grateful my husband is home. We have spent a lot of time a part, especially in the first 3 years of our marriage. It is what the military does. Each holiday he is home, I whisper a little thank you because you never know where they'll be next year. Our friend coming over for Thanksgiving this year is all by herself for this Thanksgiving because her husband is deployed. I plan to help her drown in gravy & pie.

#4. I'm so thankful for you guys. I know it is tacky & lots of people are saying it, but it is true. I try to let you guys know by thanking you randomly, hosting giveaways so you can win, & putting up good content. But in case no one says it to you today... I'm so thankful to be a part of your lives.

#5. I'm grateful for my family. Cliche? Don't care. My family is the best. The first Thanksgiving Ryan was gone, my parents drove up to me. We went grocery shopping (we were so poor back then!) & then I cooked everything up in the kitchen then layered it in a laundry basket. We then drove it to their hotel & had Thanksgiving in the hotel on paper plates with plastic forks. & it was amazing. I talk to my dad almost every day & my mom multiple times a week. There has never been a time when my parents weren't there for me (& Ryan) so I can't help but single them out. They're just the best.

To those celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish yo a happy, safe, fun one. If you're cooking it this year (like me) take the time to breathe. Make your husband to the chick...ahem turkey dance for his food, & have a great time. & to those who celebrate, Happy Black Friday. There's no way I'm posting on here at midnight! I wish everyone a full belly & a comforting day.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving memories? Are you doing Black Friday this year?
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