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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How I Wash my Hair Brushes!

Hi guys! So I had a question about how I wash my hair brushes! Since I often tease my hair (it is super fine!) & have flyaways I often use quite a bit of product. I do have a new favorite duo for getting product OUT of my hair which I'll talk about in a future post but for now this will have to do!

Your hair tools are so incredibly important, often even more so than products. As much as I love my curling iron/straightener/hot tools, nothing beats an awesome pick or the perfect brush. If you want to see a seperate post about my favorite combs/brushes then just let me know!

Before you even wash your brushes, make sure you get all the hair out of them. I like to use my teasing end of my comb to do this! Try to get every piece out!

The first thing I do is fill up my sink with warm-hot water. None of the brushes shown here are wood so I know I can soak them. If you are afraid hot water will mess up your brushes, don't risk it. Just because I do it doesn't mean you have to. What I do find is that the hotter water tends to separate the gunk off the tools much faster.

So you'll notice that I throw a washcloth in the bottom of my sink. We live in military housing & unfortunately they don't care much about items wrong with the house unless it is life or death. The washcloth is to help my sink hold water because although our house is lovely, the fixtures are not.

So I know a lot of people just use their regular shampoo which I'm sure is fine but I opt for baby shampoo. I often use this for my makeup brushes when I travel so it is easy for me to snatch it out of my cupboard. I don't use anything specific, in fact, I normally choose the generic option. I drizzle just a tad of this over my brushes then dip them in the water quickly.

If I'm in a rush, I'll just wash them quickly. I use an old comb to scrunch through the brush which gets it nice & clean. For brushes that are more in desperate need of cleaning, I let them soak for an hour or two. When I soak them, I put a wash cloth over the top to force the brushes down. If you notice, they float...but not so much with a wet wash cloth on top!

Another question I got was how often do I wash my brushes! Unfortunately, & I feel so unhelpful saying this, but I do it when I feel like they need it! I don't have excessively oily hair & I do go through phases of using hairspray vs. gel vs. whatever. So basically...I wash them when I think they need it!
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