Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Maitri Garden Handcrafted Jewelry Review +INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Maitri Garden Handcrafted Jewelry Review +INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!

So today I'm showing you some products from Maitri Garden...& you can win some at the end! This is an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! Finally right? I'm so excited to give EVERYONE a chance to win!

About Maitri Garden:
Maitri Garden is an inspirational apparel company dedicated to fostering
mindfulness, loving kindness, and compassion, to help heal one another, and thereby help
to heal the world.   From powerful quotes throughout history, to wise sentiments
from some surprising sources, we love empowering words!  And even more, we love
combining them with powerful art. Something as simple as what we choose to wear can
plant the seeds of change--so join us in the Maitri Garden.  
Let's grow something beautiful together!

Our mission is to inspire one another to express ourselves and live life with
passion,purpose and positivity. We believe that practicing mindfulness and loving
kindness throughout daily life can enhance our whole being - body, mind and spirit.

 First, let's look at these beautiful "Garden Gami" Crane Earrings in the option Purple & Green. I love these SO much! How pretty, how delicate, & how absolutely cute! Every earring made to be completely unique. There is just something so amazing about having something no one else does! You can pick these up from Maitri Gardens for $20.00.

Each of these amazing origami earrings from our "Garden Gami" collection are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. The earring are sealed, so they are water resistant. Size of bird is approximately 1"x1". These make a great conversation piece to wear or an amazing gift for a special person. 

Now, the bracelet! I have totally fallen for wrap around, stackable bracelets. I had a small obsession this summer & it seems to still be alive & well this fall! This bracelet is so pretty & comfortable to wear.  You can pick up a similar bracelet from Maitri Gardens for about $28.00.

This is a triple wrap bracelet; the leather is white and the beads used are natural glass. It has 3 adjustable closures that measure at 21", 22" & 23". It is approximately 3/8" in height. If you have any requests or would like something similar but with your custom changes, just let me know! 

Now, onto the International Giveaway! This obviously couldn't have been possible without Maitri Gardens, a huge thanks to them! They will be shipping the winner their prize as well which is worth nearly $50! Enter on the Rafflecopter Widget below. Don't see it? Wait a few seconds for it to load or try to refresh the page. Remember, the more ways you enter, the more chances to win!

The prize: You will win a set of earrings & a wrap bracelet, both in the black & white theme! My favorite! I love the mini dots on these cranes & the versatile shades in the bracelet! Love them! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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