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Saturday, December 22, 2012

5 Days of OCC Lip Tars: Melange Swatches & Review

I'm ridiculously irritated with the internet lately & since I haven't posted in 2 may have noted that. Oh snow. Luckily we still had power (not everyone here did!) but now that everything is up & running I have lots of catching up to do! Here's the 2nd to last of my 5 Days of OCC Lip Tars post & the last one will be later on today! I'm excited to be back in working order!

How to Apply: I can't imagine using anything other than a lip brush. Because you only need a pintpoint amount, you need something with lots of control. Even for the lip stain type look I recommend a brush for even distribution. This is one of the few lip colors I trust to apply in the corners without a lipliner because it doesn't smudge around or travel. I first line my lip with the color then pull it to the center. The opposite works just as well .
Top is the small dot needed to swatch. Bottom is the swatch. Color was then applied to lips.
After 1-2 thin layers it is easily opaque.

Color & Wear:  OCC describes Melange as a "Terracotta Neutral" & although I wouldn't have come up with that on my own, that isn't a bad description I probably would call it a peachy brown. This isn't the easiest shade for me to wear because I think it brings out the pink tones in my skin. I'll have to work with this a bit more to get it to work with me. I'm thinking if I lightened it up a bit with a white base it would be more wearable? What do you guys think?

If your lips are dry, I recommend exfoliating then applying a balm. Let that sink into your lips & then blot it off. Apply your OCC Lip Tar a tiny bit at a time. Less is more & it is ultra-buildable. I love the idea of this shade because it isn't as neon as some of the other pinks. I now need a neon pink now though...successful product OCC.

Purchase: I bought mine from Sephora in a set but this shade is available on its own. OCC Lip Tars retail for $16.00 each. You can also purchase them from the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics website directly.

In case you missed my prior post, check out swatches of  OCC Lip Tar in Vintage, Grandma, & Pretty Boy!
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