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Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 Days of Revlon Lip Products: Red & Neutral Lip Butters

Wowie, the things I have had to do to get this post up & running! Sheesh! I definitely wanted to make sure to have this all ready for you guys to round out the end of my Lip Butters posts! To see the pink shades click here & the purples/orange shades here! To read my thoughts on the performance, texture, packaging, etc. read my first post here! Now onto the reds & nudes!

I find that these 2 shade famalies are some of the best lip butters. If you find nudes hard to wear, these are really easy to work with. Scared to rock a fierce red lip? Lip Bitters are moisturizing while still wearing really nicely so they are a great starting point. I find nudes kind of hard for everyone, it is so easy to go so wrong. Oddly enough, all 3 of the brown based shades I've picked up actually look great!


Red swatches:

Cherry Tart- This is my only red with shimmers in it & I love it! They don't really translate onto the lip but you can see it in the tube shot above. This is a pop of a pinkish red. Love the "I've been eating strawberries" look it gives. Looks great in one layer or built up too!

Candy Apple- This name is perfect, a bright candy apple red! This pulls a bit orange on me but for a bright red lip that isn't vampy it is perfect. This one can be built up as well.

Red Velvet- The darkest of the 3 but I haven't heard one complaint about it! this is a sultry darker red & it is an effortlessly deeper lip. Love building this up to be opaque!

Neutral swatches:

Brown Sugar- This is exactly what I think of when I think of a nude. This is packed with shimmer but it translates to look moisturized instead, not frosted. I find this to be a great shade when I want a bit more than Creme Brulee but I still want to stay neutral. Can be built up to be opaque.

Fig Jam- This is a newer lip butter to my collection. This almost looks like a slightly berry nude. This reminds me of a clear jelly! This is a bit more brown toned than the others so I tend to wear it a bit more sheer.

Creme Brulee- This is the last of my throw it in my purse shade! A super easy to wear neutral, even on my fair skin. I describe this as a blended milk + caramel shade. It has kind of a hidden shimmer in there which doesn't translate onto the lip. Effortlessly awesome shade for me.

I love my Revlon Lip Butters don't I? The reds are absolutely necessary to my collection, they make wearing reds so much easier when I'm out on the go. Creme Brulee is definitely my favorite of the nudes, looks perfect with pretty much any look. But during winter, Red Velvet reigns supreme. It has been in my bag quite a lot to give me a punch of color that is seasonal but not a lot of work.

Remember to refer back to my original post for the basic review including packaging, texture, wear, etc.

& that rounds it up! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all of my Lip Butters swatched! Tomorrow is the most highly anticipated post...My review of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains! Stay tuned, I have a lot to say on the matter!

Which Revlon Lip Butter shades were your favorite? Any that I don't own but should look into?
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