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Monday, December 3, 2012

Clarisonic MIA 2: Two Week Check In Time! + Mario Badescu Skincare!

Okay guys! So if you saw my Day 1 post, then you know I got a Clarisonic MIA as an early Christmas present! I went over a lot in that post about what I expected & such so if you missed it, check it out here.

As expected, my face has indeed exploded. It is angry. The beginning of the week was definitely the worst though! I had some terrible cystic acne & still have some under my skin. Everyone warned me that this was going to happen so I was prepared! My skin is purging pretty much & everyone has had the same reactions pretty much.

Here I am treating my emerging spots with my BELOVED Mario Badescu Drying Lotion which I'll be reviewing soon! This is meant to be used onto whiteheads & yes, my skin was indeed freaking out that much. My poor poor combination skin with the random oilyness of the breakouts & the extreme dryness of treating & oncoming winter. Woo! Whirlwind!

My skin is still kind of annoyed & I still have some worry areas visible. I have one cystic under the skin that is absolutely horrible It is painful & irritating & I can't wait until it is gone.

I've been using the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel as my face wash. I love that it doesn't foam & although it removes the grime it doesn't dry out my skin. Perfect to use with the Clarisonic. It actually feels great on my skin while washing too. I use this both morning & night.

I'm still using my Clarisonic twice a day, morning & night. As shown above, I've been using it on the slightly higher level. I think most people would be flipping out if their skin got this bad but I'm loving it. I feel like it is truly doing its job & pulling everything out of my skin. I needed this so bad. I long as it clears up eventually obviously haha. I don't want it to stay like this! But yeah, I am glad I don't have to go out much & grateful for full coverage concealer.

So far, so good! I definitely needed the exfoliation to go with the acne treatments & my skin is already feeling incredible. I'm so glad I got a Clarisonic ...even if this part isn't pretty! I'll be updating you guys in 2 week for my 1 month check-in!

Thanks so much to everyone who gave me advice! I was wondering how long it took your skin to STOP breaking out? & if you have a Clarisonic with multiple speeds...what speed do you use?

**Affiliate links to Clarisonic have been used but my Clarisonic was bought by my husband. None of the Mario Badescu links are affiliate links, they're just their for convenience. 
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