Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Let It Snow! Challenge Week #1: Snowflakes

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let It Snow! Challenge Week #1: Snowflakes

I tried doing so many things with this challenge, mainly stamping. Nope, I wasn't having any of that. I seriously went through 3 designs before I finally said "I'M GOING LITERAL!" I decided to go with some dotting & glitter layering. It may not be the most fantastic manicure I've done, but it looks like snow to me!

Base: Wet n Wild Root of All Evil
Layer 1: 2 thin coats Nicole by OPI Me + Blue (that's the holo effect)
Layer 2: Dotting using Essie Tennis Corset
Layer 3: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass Slipper

Check out some of the other lovely Snowflake designs below!
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